Trade-Ideas and QuoteTracker

Trade-Ideas is innovative software that scans the market based on user defined criteria to deliver exclusive, actionable trading opportunities right into QuoteTracker.  Our servers analyze every tick of every trade so that you never miss a move.

  • Start with one of our lists of preconfigured strategies for instant access.
  • Modify any strategy to suit your trading style or create a new strategy from scratch.
  • Watch the whole market or track your QuoteTracker portfolios and watch lists.
Trade-Ideas alert data embedded in QuoteTracker
  • Easy to use interface requires no programming knowledge.
  • Right click in an alert window to see all the options and how the products are linked.

The integration of Trade-Ideas alerts into QuoteTracker ushers in the next generation of high end trading analytics technology.  Institutions and large hedge funds have access to multi million dollar research and sophisticated systems.  Using Trade-Ideas and QT you can compete with the pros at a fraction of the cost.

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