Free Simulated Trading Account

Click below to learn how to test a free paper trading account using Brokerage Plus


Just 3 easy steps to get you started with a free simulated account using Brokerage Plus.

Activate a Premium Trade Ideas account.

Open a free simulated trading account with Interactive Brokers.

Try out Brokerage Plus & automate your trades.

The Simulated Trading Account lets you use Interactive Brokers’ powerful trading platform for free and without commitment.

With a simulated account you have:

  • The ability to test strategies, products, exchanges and order types. Prices and account values are determined by actual market conditions – including commissions and fees – all without risk.  
  • Market data for all products. Data is delayed by 10-15 minutes except for OTC spot FX and OTC spot Metals, which is non-delayed.  
  • Access to advanced trading tools such as Probability Lab, Volatility Lab, Option Strategy Lab, Charts, Market Scanner, Portfolio Builder and the IB Risk Navigator.  
  • The ability to add financial instruments and customize the interface to suit your trading style or preferences.  
  • And More...
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