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Strength Alerts Beat SPY Handily. Here's how:

The index focuses on relative strength. At Trade Ideas, we start with the top indicators and chart setups that our top-performing algorithms commonly use.

We then assigned values to each of these indicators and chart steps weighted by using statistical analysis with each one.

Using the massive server tech that Trade Ideas has on the backend, we are able to evaluate every stock in the market using these weights and then sort them based on which achieved the highest score.

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"Trade Ideas' software lets us search to find unique stocks with relative strength outperforming the markets"

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trade ideas strength alerts

Check out our new email-based ALERT index newsletter to see Michael's analysis.


Helping traders and firms find growth and consistency since 2010

Michael started his trading journey in 2006 trading firm money while attending university for finance and math. After that he has been completely hooked in the market working for hedge funds, Prop firms, Technology companies, and individual traders.

As a Chartered Market Technician, Michael uses his technical knowledge in combination with years of quantitative and algorithmic trading to combine the best of these two worlds to create a unique trading style using the best of both worlds.

Below are a few topics Michael discusses in monthly subscriber-only webcasts:

Why relative strength outperforms the market

Quantitative analysis in the portfolio

How to use technical analysis in trade identification


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