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  • Indicators Dave uses in every strategy: Dave has a consistent routine for evaluating and improving trading strategies. The most important part of his routine and where he thinks most of his personal edge as a trader comes from is determining which indicators to use in a strategy.
  • Clean Charts: A simple chart should represent the quantifiable tests that have gone into determining which indicators contribute to profit.
  • Earnings Date: There are a lot of news items that can move a stock: upgrades, downgrades, share offerings, splits, etc. None are more consistently important than earnings announcements.
  • Position in range: A stock’s position in its recent range has a huge impact on its future movement.
  • Average True Range: All things equal, the Average True Range will be a better indicator when applied to a trend type strategy where you’re holding a lot of the day or overnight.
  • Relative Volume: Relative Volume is perhaps the most important filter of them all.

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