Test Drive Trade Ideas For 2 Weeks!

For just $8.99: Try Trade Ideas' Premium features including Real-Time Paper Trading and Holly our Artificial Intelligence Discovery Engine.

Starts February 3rd


You can sign up for a Test Drive key through Wednesday, February 12th. We recommend signing up before February 3rd to take advantage of the entire 2 weeks of the trial.

You can sign up for the Test Drive thru February 12th. However we recommend you sign up by February 3rd to get the full 10 trading days and participate in the Trading Room and special webinars during the Test Drive.

Trade Ideas Premium includes real-time Simulated Trading, unlimited access to Holly, our artificial intelligence investment discovery engine, the OddsMaker, our backtester and other premium features.  

Note: The Open House pass is a one-time purchase and will not start a subscription.

Test Drive participants are eligible to WIN a YEAR of PREMIUM including a Brokerage Plus license!

When you join the Test Drive, you'll learn how to enter the Price Alerts Contest

1st Place: Year of Premium & Brokerage Plus license: Value $3368

2nd Place: Year of TI Premium: Value $2268

3rd Place: Month of TI Premium Value $228 

Contest has over $5,500 in prizes!! 


Take Trade Ideas Premium for a Test Drive with Holly navigating the markets for you!

During this Test Drive, you'll experience:  

Trade Ideas Simulated Trading applies real-time market data to your simulated portfolio. Simulate trading of AI strategies or any strategies possible in Trade Ideas.

Artificial Intelligence driven insight including real, statistically tested strategies performing in today's market environment. 

A community of experienced investors sharing their insight alongside our AI and scanning technology.

An opportunity to win a FREE YEAR of TI PREMIUM


Note: The pass is a one-time purchase and will not start a subscription

What Trade Ideas users are saying

I just want to share my pleasant experience if you’re on the fence… The education and support are unparalleled and unique… Most importantly, Barrie, the head trader and moderator of the [FREE] trading room is so knowledgeable and patient. All the educators: Steve, Andy, Jamie, and Sean are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They go above and beyond to assist you… All in all it’s been an awesome experience and they have me as a subscriber for life.

- Waleed A.

I can tell you that after three months with holly and some ideas of my own with broker+ – I finished the year with +32% – this is amazing taking into account that till ur system I was -9%

- Nir

I love Trade-Ideas! I signed up three years ago and so glad I did with all of the innovations they are coming out with. Three Hollies, Brokerage Plus, all of the scanners. Totally worth the annual subscription!!

- Douglas H.

What a breathtaking week for me. Thanks Barrie. Trade-Ideas has given me some control back to my trading. I was using a “guru”, along with their platform & broker. Spent thousands over the past few months and felt completely overwhelmed. I can’t express how much more calmer & in control of my investments I feel now.

- Joseph L.