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The Simulated Trading Account lets you use Interactive Brokers’ powerful trading platform for free and without commitment.

With a simulated account you have:

  • The ability to test strategies, products, exchanges and order types. Prices and account values are determined by actual market conditions – including commissions and fees – all without risk.
  • Market data for all products. Data is delayed by 10-15 minutes except for OTC spot FX and OTC spot Metals, which is non-delayed.
  • Access to advanced trading tools such as Probability Lab, Volatility Lab, Option Strategy Lab, Charts, Market Scanner, Portfolio Builder and the IB Risk Navigator;
  • The ability to add financial instruments and customize the interface to suit your trading style or preferences.
  • More…

Use a powerful trading platform for free and without commitment.

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Brokerage Plus Demonstration Video

If you are not a current Interactive Brokers client and wish to open an account, please visit Interactive Brokers and create an account.

Total Management of Your Trading Cycle

Find trades, data-crunch trade plan scenarios and execute them automatically. Manage your P&L and portfolio of trading strategies from an intuitive, controllable dashboard.


  • Create your trading ideas, backtest them, and optimize
  • Trade manually, semi-automatically, or completely automate your strategies
  • Manage your positions, portfolio, and P&L
  • Enjoy complete “idea to exit” trade life-cycle management

Portfolio management, manual, semi, and full auto trading

Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus integrates your IBKR account with all Trade Ideas Pro features and our portfolio and trading dashboard component.

Live trading automation may incur messaging fees, so contact your Interactive Brokers representative for details.



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