Troubleshooting the Photo Album

Question / Problem Answer
Who are these people? These pictures have captions.  Move your mouse over a part of a picture to see who (or what) is there.  The caption will appear in the top left corner of the picture, and in the status line of your browser.
I don't see the pictures. The pictures are loaded through Java, so they often load more slowly than other pictures.  Also, each individual picture may not start loading until you scroll to it.  So use your scroll bar to show the entire page, then have patience.
I still don't see the pictures. If the above doesn't help and/or you see error messages on the screen, then Java is causing problems.  You can see the pictures without the captions by turning off Java on your browser.  That should appear in your browser under options or preferences.
I don't see the captions. Try moving the mouse directly over a person.  If you still don't see anything, you may have turned Java off in your browser.  If you can't find a Java setting in your browser, it may be too old to run Java.
What is a good browser to view this page? I use Netscape version 4.03 for Linux at home.
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