Option 4: Holly on Autopilot

Our Brokerage Plus Module enables you to auto-trade Holly’s strategies via the Holly AI Tab.

You can auto trade Holly in our Simulator, in a participating Broker's Simulator, or in your Live Account at a participating Brokerage.

Before attempting to auto trade Holly AI in your Live Account, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Trade Ideas Software, the workings of Holly AI as well as with trading and order execution in general.

Any trading automation, be it Holly's algorithms our your own, should always start with a test phase in a simulator.

  • Step 1: Choose and setup your preferred connection

  • Step 2: Open the Holly AI Tab within Brokerage Plus

    The Holly AI Tab/ Holly AI Window will contain the strategies that Holly has selected for the upcoming trading day.

    Each night Holly backtests all of her 60 odd strategies. She does a deep dive into each strategy’s performance metrics and tweaks each algorithm for it to perform best. Once assessed and optimized, Holly only activates the strategies that perform best in the current market conditions.

  • Step 3: Give Holly Trading Instructions

    Holly only trades her own algorithms and the parameters are not customizable. You can, however, choose which strategies to enable for auto-trading and create Trading Instructions based on your account size and investment preferences.

    To create Trading Instructions, right-click into the Holly AI Tab and choose Edit Long/Short Trading Instructions.

    Then, follow the detailed steps in this section.

  • Step 4: Enable Auto-Trading

    Once the Trading Instructions are configured, you will need to manually enable Auto-Trading.

  • Step 5: Monitor the executed Holly trades in the Positions Tab

    Once Holly Automation is enabled, all the trades that she is executed on your behalf will be listed in the Positions Tab of Brokerage Plus.

    You can modify these trades at any time via the right-click menu of the Positions Tab .

    To change the parameters of any of your positions listed in the Positions Tab, highlight it, then right-click.

    This will bring up a dropdown menu with various options.