Test Drive Winners

Using The Most Advanced – Individual Investor
Driven Financial Technology Software

AI Generated Trade Signals (One of a kind) that were profitable
9 out of the 10 days of the Test Drive.

(Click on the images below for a closer look)


This low float biotech gave 2 great entries at $12.5 and $14 allowing users to size up into a running winner. Currently up 33% on our initial call with any simple trailing stop method keeping you in.


After a bad earnings report, our AI shorted this stock at $24. With investors running scared this short dropped an insane 75%, now sitting around $6.5


Our AI caught ARVN gapping out of a bull flag on high relative volume at $24.5, and adding to the position at $27.5. This continued to run to $35 without a pullback for a 47% return from our first call.


Clearing all support on an earnings miss, our AI found a short entry at $6.57. The first green day occurred 37% lower.


After a large gap down on earnings, the bulls tried to retake the gap. Our proprietary breath indicators gave us an early warning that this stock move would fail. We took a short at $23 and this stock quickly fell 8%


After bad earnings, GTT tried to rally off of support. With our math saying that rally would fail, we gave out two short calls on the same day. The first at $7.3 and the second at $7. Following was a nice smooth downtrend of 25%.


After the strong earnings were not confirmed by price action, we recommend a short counter to the gap on OPRA at $11. Over the next 3 days this stock fell 15% to fill the gap.


When volume started to confirm the new trend on FTSV, our AI called two long entries. The first at $8.9 and the second at $11. This stock is still in a strong uptrend today with earnings of 40% from our first call.



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