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“The King​ came here fri to ask for help on my halt scanner, you sent me a cloud link…it included a low float multi scanner….just came here to say thank you…that fkr made me $4677 today. great work guys!” — King 8/03/2020
“I LOVE your platform! This is the most amazing piece of software I have ever used. Totally customizable and incredibly powerful. There is very little I want that it doesn’t already have.” — Bryan 7/29/2020
“Paid thousands of dollars for training last year with a very popular Academy. I have learned more in a few weeks with Barrie than I did over months with the Academy who kept changing the playing field and rules.” — C. Fitzger 7/21/2020
“Lil billing issue this morning and your OUTSTANDING customer service, Taylor W, had it fixed in minutes. Won’t trade without my TI!!!!!!!” — Andy M. 7/20/2020
“Barrie, Thank you so much for your patience. I have learned more from you in 2 weeks for free than I learned in 3 months paying big bucks. I appreciate you very much” — C. Fitzger 7/1/2020
“Thanks for all you do! I have been attending the midday workshops and they are terrific. The presenters are very generous with their knowledge and perspectives.” — Asif A. 6/30/2020
“Oh it’s a pleasure to meet you, I really love your videos and learned a lot about stocks. Thank you so much for your hard work.” — Debbie B. 6/30/2020
“I promise I wont message every day – today was my first full day of using Holly AI and I made $214 all while being able to work on other projects. Thanks for all of your help you have a great team!” — Billy 6/25/2020
“Yup. I saw the demo and knew instantly I would reactivate my subscription” — James 4/17/2020
“Hi everyone at the Trade Ideas team!

I wanted to take the time, to share my sincere gratitude for the services that TI provides. I have been a TI user for many years and Kelly has always helped me with the services, whether its upgrading from standard to premium or cancelling a double billing (caused by my own error). Thank you for always taking care of my needs and putting your clients first.

I wish Kelly and the rest of the gang there many countless years of successful business as the TI platform grows and develops to even greater heights. If you guys ever go public on NYSE and there is a shareholder proxy vote to elect a member to your Board of Directors… well I will vote for Kelly.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy in these trying times and keep up the amazing work!!” — Wasif A.

Helpscout 4/08/2020
“Ok thank you Steve! I’m having a good day right now with my trades. love TI!” — Zury Zen 4/03/2020
“Thanks for helping me with my custom setup from last week. Used TI to make profits this morning” — Scott S. Webinar 2/10/2020
“I did a trade that you all recommended and made 1k…great start. TAL I bought 300 shares.” — Dawn D. Test Drive 2/5/2020
“hurrah for BP+. Started Paper trading this week and the ability to trade off chart and the visual environment makes a world of difference for me. Thank You TI!!!” — Jeff G. Trading Room 10/19
“Been doing it a long time. Who do I hug there I have spent too much money on programmers not getting it right trying to code my algos in a GUI interfaced w/IB. Then Bam I stumbled across Trade Ideas was on the road for work the 1st 3 weeks I had it studied every night in the hotel room spent last weekend building back testing my strats and Bam three days running 3 days of profits. I have never been able to do this until now. Don’t tell anyone about this seriously HaHa!” — knic1 Support Chat 06/19
“I signed up for the spring trial last Monday and joined the trading room hosted by Barrie. I have been amazed at how well designed and powerful this technology is. Before I was struggling to setup my scans and find opportunities. Now I have an endless landscape of insight that is smart, meaningful and timely. Since last week, Trading Ideas has helped me make some really great intraday trades. It is incredibly powerful technology. I have also been very impressed with Barrie in the trading room. He’s extremely professional, approachable, talented, and knows what he’s doing. He really represents your company well.” — Jadon M. Email 06/19
“Wow, 1 day with this software and I already paid for a full year subscription. Really like the custom alerts/T windows. Went in yesterday trying to build my own and found most of them were already consistent with what I want to scan for.” — McDowell Trading Room 05/19
“hey, i just want to say your company is the best! whenever i start to doubt what i am doing, i find a screener that shows me the opportunities you provide are just awesome” — Kirk A. B. Trading Room 04/19
“[The OddsMaker backtester] is a wonderful asset. I’m surprised more folks aren’t talking about this feature. I actually sat up all night playing around with historical data strategies. This is a must-have asset for any day or swing trader. I don’t say this lightly and I am in no way connected to Trade Ideas other than being a paid customer for a little over 2 months” — isaleswriter YouTube 03/19
“Sometimes I tend to forget the blessings that I am in as novice traders, and the impact which educators like yourselves have on me. Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personalities has helped me tremendously since becoming a member of the TI family.” — Waleed A. Email 03/19
“Good morning gentlemen, been with you a month, up 11% all due to you” — David B. Webinar 01/19
“What a breathtaking week for me. Thanks Barrie. Trade-Ideas has given me some control back to my trading. I was using a “guru”, along with their platform & broker. Spent thousands over the past few months and felt completely overwhelmed. I can’t express how much more calmer & in control of my investments I feel now.” — Joseph L. Trading Room 01/19
“I can tell you that after three months with holly and some ideas of my own with broker+ – I finished the year with +32% – this is amazing taking into account that till ur system I was -9%” — Nir Support Chat 01/19
“This tool is highly effective. If used properly for certain set up and/or niche one can become a deadly sniper trader. First day using this in premium subscription, it paid for itself already and then some. (I took advantage of the Halloween trail to learn the system, had no previous experience In scanners, super user friendly after you learn the basics)wouldn’t go into battle without this tool.” — Joseph V. Facebook 12/18
“I love Trade-Ideas! I signed up three years ago and so glad I did with all of the innovations they are coming out with. Three Hollies, Brokerage Plus, all of the scanners. Totally worth the annual subscription!!” — Douglas H. Facebook 12/18
“Barrie is outstanding. I appreciate all of the suggestions and quick responses. I definitely recommend Trade Ideas and love the chat room.” — Anne A. Trading Room 11/18
“Signed up this week, this is the best alerting system I have used and Barrie support is invaluable. Already making money!” — Dean S. Trading Room 11/18
“Barrie, I just wanted to say good morning and thank you for everything you do, I entered this trading room with 0 knowledge of the market 5 months ago. I subscribed to Trade Ideas and have made well over it cost for the service. Thank you again your a god send.” — Dorothy P. Trading Room 10/18
“I just want to share my pleasant experience if you’re on the fence… The education and support are unparalleled and unique… Most importantly, Barrie, the head trader and moderator of the [FREE] trading room is so knowledgeable and patient. All the educators: Steve, Andy, Jamie, and Sean are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They go above and beyond to assist you… All in all it’s been an awesome experience and they have me as a subscriber for life.” — Waleed A. Webinar 9/18
“I couldn’t be happier that I found TI!!! Today has been a good day!! Even the red days have been great because of this new tool I have in my bag… Thanks everyone and of course Barrie for running a tight ship!!!” — Glen B. Email 8/18
“Thank you again for taking the time to do the webinars, I am a premium subscriber for life and would like to receive all emails consisting of webinars , recaps , videos , etc. I find then all very informative and also nice to have due to the fact that you continually work on Holly and other TI tools.
I am not new to trading, my interest started just before 2000 . Yet TI’s staff , tools and interaction has put the spark back in the multy screen stair. Lol. For that I thank you all. Well done Keep It Up.” — David P.
Email 8/18
“Guys don’t downplay The VAULT Holly strategy. It has been simply fantastic and in less than a week paid for an entire year of Trade Ideas.” — Dfd Webinar 7/18
“Holly “THE VAULT” strategy has been unbelievable on fire. I mean serious profits since it was launched. Thanks guys.” — Steve D. Webinar 7/18
“Great service to resolve my issue quickly and efficiently!” — Anton S. Support email 7/18
“(Chantè) Prompt fast and efficient and effective, the kind of customer service you read about !” — Anton S. Support email 7/18
“First time I really feel like small guy has a chance.” — Chris S. Webinar 5/18
“Niiiiiiiice! Great scanners! Just banked from your scanners! Love it..thank you so much for your help.” — Marc Chat 5/18
“Love Trade Ideas!! Going on my third year as a member. I’m a swing trader but take some day trades off of my scanners. Also, free chat room and Holly are golden!!” — Douglas H. Trading Room 5/18
“Been in this room for 5 months, I’ve learned a ton. Can’t thank everyone enough especially Barrie This room rocks” — Dennis E. Trading Room 5/18
“The guys did a GREAT job on this book!!! I am really proud to be a premium member of your team.” — “Papa” Jack N.. Email 4/18
“I’ve already paid for my annual subscription between Monday and Tuesday. GREAT program.” — Bill M. Support email 4/18
“Thank you and well done once again for the amazing support you guys offer.” — Luca V. Support email 4/18
“I have taken advantage of Trade Ideas University and don’t really have any questions for you the T.I. University has answered any questions I had.” — Greg H. Email 4/18
“I have taken advantage of Trade Ideas University and don’t really have any questions for you the T.I. University has answered any questions I had.” — Greg H. Email 4/18
“Thank you for TI university and regular webinars. I am finding the courses sufficient and fulfilling at this time. ” — Mike C. Chat 4/18
“Thought you might like an update from a new customer. This is my second day using your system. I traded $10,000 in the top three stocks of “Things are heating up” under Alpha Predator. In 22 minutes, I made $2148!!!! ” — Wayne T. Chat 3/18
“Yes sir! Great job. You folks really know how to provide customer SERVICE!!!” — Roger T. Webinar 3/18
“For everyone is listening, this the best ever scanners and more, hands down.” — Sirous J. Webinar 3/18
“Thank you for your excellent book. I am new to trading and Trade Ideas and what you put forth here has made real sense to me and most of all was easy to understand. Thank you! Thank you for being genuinely interested in helping others and doing it with style and enthusiasm! I am in my 1st month of Trade Ideas Pro and will very likely continue. I am currently stationed in Japan so trading and attending the daily webinars are a bit difficult but you guys do inspire and that helps.” — Chris A. Support Email 3/18
“Barrie I just wanted to thank you for the great job you do. I belonged to a bunch of chatrooms for which I paid a lot of money for and never seemed to get over that hump. I’ve been a TI member for a few months now and I was getting ready to unsubscribe. I then started listening to this chatroom AND finally started using the HOLY alert and the whole number alert window. Have been green on most days ever since! Thank you!” — Luis Trading Room 3/18
“Amazing service , Amazing!!!!!!!” — Adam K. Chat 2/18
“I made enough on ExtremeVol?H/LPro today to buy all the new kitchen appliances. Thank yoiu for that recommendation yesterday.” — Marcia VH. Webinar 2/18
“I have been using Trade-Ideas for a few months now, and could not trade the same without it! Support has been excellent also!” — Alan C. Support Email 2/18
“Barrie and Team – enjoy the rest of the trading week…I’ve really enjoyed being part of the chat room…I paid for the premium TI version this month and have already recouped the cost – the data is phenomenal and more importantly I’m less emotional and more data driven and would never have found many of the stocks without TI since most aren’t in the news…I haven’t money on all the trades but have obeyed the stops…believe it or not – I’m off to an interview – let’s see if the offer is worth changing to a swing trader” — Richard Z. Trading Room 2/18
“learn and watch carefully. Great traders in the room and Barrie is a wealth. Pay attention to info they give i.e. look left, 8ema and 20 ema. I have taken advantage of Trade Ideas University and don’t really have any questions for you the T.I. University has answered any questions I had. Ive asked questions about a chart and Barrie always helped . Ive been a subscriber to other services, this blows them away. Just subscribe and learn.” — Ricky H. Trading Room 2/18
“TI is great product. I see lots of potentials in it. Your guys have been great engaging us regularly. Keep up the good work!” — Liu Y. Webinar 2/18
“ok you guys are genuine geniuses
be honest are you Bots?
be honest
is Holly your sister ?” — Jerry C
Chat 2/18
“you guys are really awesome. thank you so much.” — Suresh Webinar 2/18
“Trade-Ideas is a GREAT system” — Keith R. Chat 2/18
“Barrie is great! It is a wonderful site to learn the program and learn trading.” — Kay A. Webinar 1/18
“Barrie might be one of your most valuable assets. I am very appreciative to him and Trade Ideas for helping me achieve my dreams. thank you thank you.” — Omar K. Skype 12/17
“Hi Barrie, I just wanted to thank you for all the support you have provided me over the last few months. I quit my job to pursue my dream of becoming a trader. I was beginning to think that it may not come to fruition. I was teeeting at the 25k threshold and was getting wooried. LFIN bought me some time to learn. I am still very novice and will be for the next year or so. Thanks again, you are changing lives everyday.” — Omar K. Skype 12/17
“Trade Ideas education is awesome with trading room and 4 webinars per week.” — Waleed A. Webinar Chat 11/17
“Today was the first time I made money thanks to Holly and trade ideas staff. Etrade trade around” — Omar K. Webinar Chat 11/17
“You have been so kind and helpful to us Marissa. We really appreciate it. We have big aspirations. We expect to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years, and Trade-Ideas is going to continue to be our number one promoted product
” — Tim, Dan, & Lucien (the Bullish Bears Team)
Email 11/17
“TI Paid for itself today. great product!” — Bill H. webinar Chat 11/17
“To Dan, this video ( you put out is excellent beyond belief, and I believe that your AI if followed correctly can really level the playing fields for us small retail investors, I only ask that you keep your company for us little retailers and pls don’t sell out to the big brokerage houses as they will only screw with this and make it impossible once again for the average investor to trade fairly.” — “DarkHorse” YouTube Comment 11/17
“Thank you for your quick reply and willfulness to help. Trade Ideas is an amazing product!” — Tim Support Chat 11/17
“I just wanted to thank Bill for his help and valuable information on the chat with him this AM. Please recognise him and give him a pat on the back for all sinsciere assistance.” — Waleed Email 10/17
“I loved the summit. Have been following you and your team for numerous years. I wish that I had taken the trip to meet the group. It is worth mentioning, that it was well structured(guests demonstrating different trading styles). Highlights of the summit, presentations from Brian Shannon and David Aferiat. Thanks again for making it available via stream.” — Elvis L. Email 10/17
“Had a great chat with Bill in tech support Friday. He was excellent! I appreciate your responses here too. Says a lot about the company.” — @bkfarrow Twitter 09/2017
“In the market, every trader needs an edge. Trade Ideas is my edge because it is fast, accurate and flexible. It helps me increase my profitability by quickly finding stocks that are moving and lists them in a way that allows me to decide which one I want to trade. Trade Ideas is my go to scanner for finding stocks to trade” — Patrick D. Email 07/2017
“Jamie – your Turbo Up screen has made me my annual subscription a few times just over last week – no joke” — Jorge Webinar 07/2017
“just wanted to thank you for an outstanding product. You are a god amongst men. Use Trade Ideas everyday. Went from slightly better than breakeven to six figured last year and already well into six figures this year. Best product for the value. I would put your face on the dollar bill” — Mark M. Linkedin 07/2017
“It has been an exciting week and I am truly extremely grateful for the Test Drive opportunity!!!! Thank you all!!! I’m really jazzed about TI and view it as perhaps the most consistent streatm of actionable trading opportunities with the software options and the outstanding support both in the chat room for me with Barrie and the almost limitless and ongoing teaching/learning opportunities….dd I am confident that I can fill all my trading needs for momentum day trading with TI Premium alone….and a suitable broker…(eventually Interactive Brokers when I’ve built my portfolio from a meager $1000 account…” — John J. R. Email 07/2017
“i just want to go ahead and thank you gentleman for this test drive, and instructions i dont think ill be able to join the webinar tomorrow much bc of work,but im 100% sold on this and going to purchase the premium” — Christopher Email 07/2017
“The ‘Test Drive’ Best $8.88 I ever spent as a trader. Trade-Ideas is the secret sauce!” — Mark L. Webinar 07/2017
“At first I thought that you guys were a bit expensive but after signing up for the Test Drive for next week, and watching this video, I definitely UNDERSTAND why TI is worth the investment. You literally have EVERYTHING on here, and then some (Holly!)….looking forward to learning a heck of a lot more in the next few days. Thanks again.” — Alex Nobbe T. YouTube 07/2017
“My test drive ends friday. Monday I will be a full member for sure. Never seen anything like this” — William V. Support Chat 07/2017
“Once again let me say trade ideas and all the support people like yourself have been amazing and really help new traders like myself to be better and more consistent” — Frank Email 07/2017
“This [Friday] webinar is super super useful. The guys literally answered every
single questions posted. Demonstrated examples, which was brilliant.
Seriously, in terms of answering audience questions it was the best
education webinar I have ever attended.” — Danny CV
Email 07/2017
“Couldn’t leave a message on the official Trade-Ideas page, so writing personally to you. Just wanted to tell you that I am a veteran user (almost 4 years now) of this wonderful tool. As a trader I couldn’t be asking for anything better. Especially, great thanks to your support team who could provide me with a customized version that could export the data outside. That was a game changer for me. I wish you to strive and hope to finally start using the paid version for my real trading after completing the final back-test stage for the algo-trading robot I’ve been developing for a few years now. Thank you, guys” — Dima F. Linkedin 06/2017
“Got it. This is an awesome tool you offer and for free. I looked the world over and no one else offers these type of sessions for free. Hats off to you Barrie and your team!” — Jeff S. Trading Room 06/2017
“Whatever u are paying Andy and Marisa u need to double it as they are very nice people and very good at what they do.Thank you for having professional people with u at Trade Ideas p.s. i am not there brother in law!” — Tony A. Trading Room 06/2017
“It’s been a while since I used the word “RADICAL”, but… If the market were a skate park, Trade Ideas is the skateboard that allows me to drop in like a wizard and carve walls all day long. ” — John K. Webinar 05/2017
“As always, the support is always A++ with you guys.” — Luc P. Help Chat 04/2017
“WOW!! I really appreciate your prompt response and diligent cancellation of my subscription. That was fast and speaks as much of you guys as your service does. As soon as I have time to trade again, I will not hesitate to subscribe again. again, I will not hesitate to subscribe again.” — Miguel Email 04/2017
“Hi Marissa, Thank you for your help in our chat conversation last week. I have signed up and am using the software. Heck Holly just about paid for my monthly membership this morning!” — Dennis Email 04/2017
“Trade Ideas is the best on the market hands down!!! I can’t express enough… You Rock, Dan!!!.” — Jeffery C. Webinar 04/2017
“You guys are awesome and I plan on staying with you forever. Plus, tell Marissa she is a
very helpful and a super nice lady.
” — Dana N.
Email 04/2017
“[Jamie,] I have been doing very well on your last training. Been averaging 200 a day to the good. Only been doing 100 share entry buys. I’m looking forward to next session. Really would like to re visit entry signals. Thanks so much for turning my game around!!!.” — Glenn Brewer Email 03/2017
“I just would like to say that Barrie’s chat room is really informative.” — Visitor Help Chat 03/2017
“I am learning so much in your trading room and your webinars are great.” — Colt W. Facebook 03/2017
“Awesome scanner. Yes, free trade of the week delivered to your inbox. Barrie is the moderator for the free trading chat room, and is great at what he does. The proof is in the pudding folks. If you are skeptical, join the FREE chat, follow along, and see for yourself.” — Giacinto D. Facebook 03/2017
“Hi Dan I have been loyal customer of your service for a number of years now. I have your monthly service and I have Holly. I am in your Chat room daily and love listening to Barry and you banter and some of your ideas when you pop in. I am a disabled vet and rely on TI to help me with my trading to help support my family and my wonderful daughter who has a rare disease on a very meager disability pension it helps supplement my income. Just wanted to give you a little background of myself so you can see I’m a serious person so when I say Jamie has been game changer for me he took my trading to another level when I joined after my 1st class with him and use of TI showing me how to use it properly and get the most out of it with my style of trading. Not only has he helped me with his classes if I had a tec problem although not his Dept he went out of his way to help me solve the problem! He also convinced me to purchase Holy keeping me in mind when you had a special going and I am glad I did! He always adds a personal touch and goes above and beyond to make sure I’m satisfied! I really consider him a friend at this point. You need to know not only is he a great employee but I can see he loves what he does and very good at it! If I ever opened a business of my own I would want an employee like him and if I was so lucky to have one I would make sure he stays! So with that’s said I know your a busy man and sometimes get caught up with the fast pace of life but if he is due for a raise, bonus or promotion I hope you would consider that for him as he duly is worthy and deserving! I am not one for writing these types of letters just so you know!! He is a good one and thank you for him and your service! See you in chat God bless!” — Adam. Email 02/2017
“Hey Marissa,
You Rock!
You assisted our teammate, David D, and we caught the webinar via his link you sent him. Your support and everyone at TI, this week has been extremely important to us here at Accel.
Keep up the great work!
” — Pattie M.
Email 02/2017
“There is no doubt in my mind this software and company are the best out there in what they do. After only 2 days in the chat room I was thinking this moderator is the best I’ve ever listened to. Maybe he is from Canada, but speaks really well and is so chill I can actually listen and trade on my own at the same time. Every contact point from e-mails to You Tube is professional and geared to providing value and information without wasting my time. My only hesitation in purchasing the software is my 12 hour night job as a QA tech hasn’t allowed me time to learn, demo, or even watch the videos. I have only been trading a morning gap strategy for the first hour and half and then go to sleep before work. I have signed up for the demo on Feb 6th with interest in the auto-trader and taking time to learn how to use the software. I’ve been doing well lately on my own and hope to continue so that I can justify get off nights and retiring early, if I have to. Thanks for the e-mail and the opportunity to use this software.” — Rob C. Email 01/2017
“My new “Deluxe Scanner” just paid for the next 3 years of Trade Ideas! @TradeIdeas01 $MJN $GLBS” — @YaklDakl Twitter 03/2017
“However many years it took for Dan & team to create Trade Ideas deserves an award for 2017 from the finance industry. I’ve never seen such passion, zest, and hard work put into one software platform that has thousands of customizations for every day traders like you and I… I used the software for about 8 months and it educated me as if I were in the markets 20 years learning by hand” — Jarett C. Trading Room 03/2017
“Holly’s picks paid for my annual membership today – thanks Holly!” — Keith B. Trading Room 02/2017
“Joined yesterday with the discount and have already made my investment back… Thank you TradeIdeas!” — John P. Trading Room 02/2017
“I signed up for a month of trying trade ideas out. I can say that the software is amazing / the best in the market / best i’ve ever seen” — Joe F. Email 12/2016
“Works very well and thank you for listening and confirming my discovery and taking action, action that compliments the A+ Company that Trade -Ideas exhibits with Tech Support and the Day to Day Team effort in providing a positive full circle experience unlike any other company.” — Frank Email 11/2016
“Thanks for the help. You guys at Trade-Ideas keep up the good work. I love all the new developments and am looking forward to the new “AI” stuff on the horizon.” — Greg AlQ. Email 11/2016
“Just gotta say…signed up with TI a couple days ago…wish I had done it years ago…Fantastic!” — D Martin Trading Room 11/2016
“my success comes down to TI scanners I wouldn’t trade without them” — JGay Trading Room 11/2016
“Since I have you on the line, I would like to say a word about Barrie from the TI chat room: HE IS AWESOME. I’ve been following for 2 months now and he is nice, polite, honest, respectful and resourceful. Please forward my words to Dan. Thank you” — Dominic V. Support Chat 10/2016
“This is Awesome, I’m sold, just take my monies” — Dave T. Trading Room (Open House) 10/2016
“OH MY GOD!!!!! This scanner is good!!!! At 09.30 the stock CATB was lighting up the scanner and alerting me left, right and center… after that the stock jumped 60% within 20 minutes!. Unbelievable!!!! :-)” — Ibi Trading Room 9/2016
“First I’d like to thank you for your exciting delivery method and presentation, it makes you want to keep listening and paying attention. I always like to attend the Wednesday webinar” — Waleed A. Webinar 9/2016
“best part of RGSE is it literally paid for Holly’s yearly membership!” — Carlos H. Trading Room 9/2016
“It’s my first week here in the room and I subscribed on Wednesday through your code Barrie. Just want to thank you and the team for providing a such a great resource.Thankyou to everyone’s input. It’s great to be virtually surrounded by great traders.” — Ivan Trading Room 9/2016
““I liked the TI service and support a lot. And as soon as I see the chance: TI will be first choice!.” — Dirk K. Support Email 9/2016
” good % of last week Holly trades turned into multi day uptrend.” — Chas 1 Scottrade Trading Room 9/2016
“I did read this and it fit you well. Don’t be impressed by money, followers, degrees and titles. Be impressed by kindness, integrity, humility and generosity. Because I did write a long constructive feedback last weekend and I did find again the trading room I used to like. I have to say again that you went over my expectations. You didn’t have to do anything, but you did. When you manage the room like you do, it is everyone and in particular, TI that benefit from it. It give a good credibility to the product. Some of my friends were long term investors. Now they have a better idea of day trading with an edge. You are the best seller of the product and I hope that TI know how valuable you are.” — Julien Email 8/2016
” I’ve been an active traders for 20 years and I can stated unequivocally I have never seen a stock service that packs so much into its platform.” — David S. Webinar 8/2016
“Thanks again Marissa, you are always so darn helpful and I for one really really appreciate and thanks you.” — ?. Support chat 8/2016
“Holly pays for my month subscription from taking just one trade DATA … today” — Sam M. Trading Room 8/2016
“Hi Marissa,
Thank you so very much for going above and beyond to help on a Sunday … you’ve always gone the extra mile :)
Have a fantastic week!” — Waleed
Email 08/2016
“One of the best webinars ever as I had no idea how to get a list of the stocks the backtester was finding and how to copy and put in a spreadsheet. Great stuff guys. The info on the use of the back tester was the greatest. Keep it up, I can’t be the only one out here floundering around.” — Tom B. Email 08/2016
“Thank you trade ideas for GSV…etc..if you don’t have Holly yet, buy today” — Roger C. Trading Room 08/2016
“Just had a FANTASTIC hour call with Steve Gomez. It was amazing. I thought I was fairly familiar with programming the alerts, but he showed me so many amazing things!! Thanks so much Steve!!” — MItchell B. Email 08/2016
“The [open house] week was great:-) I am enjoying your program as well as your people! Am very excited about what you are doing and am passing it on to my fellow traders:-)” — Susan S. Email 07/2016
“Thanks for allowing me a test drive on AI, it was great. I liked Holly so much that I purchased a subscription. Also, I really appreciate Barrie on the chat line. Barrie is such a good communicator throughout the trading day. And I like the idea that you, the CEO and Barrie have very meaningful and relative conversation on the chat line” — Tyrone T. Email 07/2016
” i was in some 8-10 rooms….. all cost.. this is free and the best!! keep it like that barrie!!! :)” — Micky A. Trading Room 07/2016
“I spent months looking at other rooms and training programs. I purchased Trade Ideas because not only is this software great and seems to upgrade constantly, Barrie has taught me more about trading than all the paid programs.” — Paul W. Trading Room 07/2016
“have been in several paid rooms… from what I have seen this week… it rates among the best of rooms” — Gary M. Trading Room 07/2016
“I entered the room a few times and enjoyed every time. The room is professional management, eloquent, clear and effective. Thank you!” — Jacob S. Trading Room 07/2016
“I made okay money swing trading. Now I am making better money day trading (with an occasional swing) with TI. It is replacing some of my client work already.” — Michael A. Trading Room 07/2016
“Others told me it was impossible…you are a dealer in making impossibility…possible.” — Austin J. Trading Room 07/2016
“im definitely getting the premium this is great” — Theresa I. Trading Room 07/2016
“U r a fantastic trader Barrie, I love this room!” — Monica C. Trading Room 07/2016
“I have found no better tool on the market and i have used a lot of them” — Sam M. Trading Room 07/2016
“I use TI pro and watch everyday your video recaps of the day. They’re amazing, thank you for making them” — Armando M. Trading Room 07/2016
“They have the leading and really the only software of its kind. I haven’t been able to find anything that comes close” — Sam M. Trading Room 07/2016
“would like to thank steve gomez for “horseshoe” up scan…adapted it my way and made 2k on it this am” — Steve F. Trading Room 07/2016
” i have to say , i’m very happy with TI subscription and support , teaching from Barrie and Steve are the best , Steve has given the best webinars I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many) thanks” — David M. Trading Room 07/2016
“Hey Steve… Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. I really picked up on some great fresh ideas. You have me thinking positively in a whole new direction………I thank you and your team very much for all you do for us!!” — Artemis T. Email 06/2016
“GBR just paid for my subscription ” — Dolmen B. Support Email 06/2016
“:-) Trade Ideas quickly pays for itself” — Airplane Jane Trading Room 06/2016
“this software really is amazing” — mike l. Trading Room 06/2016
” I have the up most respect for business individual who stand directly behind their product and provide at the same time a friendly approach to it. Your kind gesture today confirms the right decision I made when I decided to become a user of TI Pro, and I have already brought on board one of my partners who already is under the (technical) charms of your platform” — Frederic D. Support Email 06/2016
“P.S: Please tell Mr Jamie Hodge that his new channel “Active Trading” is a God given gift and the answer to so many wishes for a day trader like myself. This channel alone is pure platinum in the pocket and I have already put it to the test with outstanding results with quick scalps, gap & go, and momentum trading. I am eternally grateful for this amazing and precious channel!” — Frederic D. Support Email 06/2016
“Never trade alone with Trade Ideas!” — SGJoe C Trading Room 06/2016
“Ya, Trade ideas is one of those must haves” — Sam M. Trading Room 06/2016
“If you want to become a better Trader…then get trade ideas” — Roger C. Trading Room 06/2016
“It’s a great system you offer…” — Christopher R. Support Email 06/2016
“Probably the finest [webinar presentation] I have ever seen. Extraordinarily impressive and that’s coming from someone who has a Master’s degree in Probabilistic Statistics from UCLA.” — Craig Email 06/2016
“I would like to say, that time using your software has been great and i would recommend to anyone” — Damian Barrett Support Email 06/2016
“TRADE IDEAS,HAS MADE ME A BETTER TRADER….” — Roger C. Trading Room 06/2016
“tradings like throwing darts at a dartboard without Trade Ideas :)” — Drew G. Trading Room 06/2016
“That’s great news and that was a reason I brought the lifetime AI I know you guys will always keep bringing us more good stuff over time thank you dev team”” — Sam M. Webinar 06/2016
“Seriously, I’m really impressed not only by the quality of your product but also by the quality and speed of your support.” — Luc P. Email 05/2016
“These webinars make me feel good about the money I spent on the product. These trainings pay for the product even if the trades I make haven’t.” — Sam M. Webinar Chat 05/2016
“Bons shorty [strategy] is doing awesome today and thank you for building something that allows me to trade it without emotions.” — Michael N. (bonpara) Email 05/2016
“Ok gotta say you guys ARE AWESOME!! Thank you so much for getting this to me. Talking about EXCELLENT customer service! Really, really appreciate it.” — Gerrette B. Email 04/2016
“I signed up yesterday… had one linking question for Tradestation last night and one billing question this a.m. … both were answered incredibly fast…in an age where customer service has been forgotten, this is very impressive…” — John B. Email 04/2016
“That ads to my confidence here, for only trading 8 months, my performace has doubled since using TI with Barrie’s support. great system.” — Eirik Trading Room chat 04/2016
“Der Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence Channel ist wirklich eine tolle Innovation für alle Aktien-Händler. Aus gutem Grund wurde Euch der Benzinga Fintech Award in der Kategorie „Innovative Research and Idea Generation Software“ verliehen. Macht weiter so!” TRADERNETZWERK 04/2016
“It is so easy with such a great product. You guys have done a great job in developing it. It makes finding winning trades very easy.” — Jane G. Email 03/2016
“What I said in the trading room was very true, I have literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every “traders course” that is on the internet I am sure and I have never seen anyone take the time and have the patience to explain theories etc as you do and I sincerely thank you as do every one in the room I am sure. Thanks again Barrie” – Don L. Email 03/2016
“Hey, FYI, I used the trade of the week on FCEL and made more than enough to pay for the yearly subscription!” – Richard E. Office Hours Webinar 03/2016
“I got into FCEL at 5.90 and averaged down at 5.71. I think I’m going to take my profits and run. I’ve been doing Trade of the Week for 3 weeks and each one has been a great winner!” – Grace A. Trading Room 03/2016
“thank you for everything your doing over there. trading has always been my dream but I was bad at it. Now with this bot every day seems to be better then the one before it. Every bad day I can learn and reprogram. And it will only get better when the sterling bot is done and the RBI GBI are in alerts. Its been a dream thanks. What i need to figure out now is what to do with my spare time now that I have something trade for me.” – Michael N. Email 02/2016
“I am so glad i found trade-ideas…been with the Wordens Tc2000 for 7 years but it is far from what can Trade-ideas do …i appreciate what you do in the chatroom…Been a member for 2 trading sessions and already at good profit. ” – Steve F (Trading Room) Trading Room 02/2016
“Paid monthly subscription already with GLUU post market. thanks guys.” – Steve F. (webinar) Trading Room 02/2016
“I’m only 3 months into trading, once I started with TI and actually listening to the regulars on here , my performance almost doubled!” – Eirik (Trading Room) Trading Room 01/2016
“Jamie: Based on my training session yesterday. I Was able to spot some good set up today. Mostly the Turbo break up alert. I found few of them like the way you showed me in the Chart yesterday. ” — Shah Email 1/2016
“…let me tell you now your software rocks. Only because of this software i had the courage to trade with us equities. I purchased the annual subscription with oddsmaker and was able to recover my investment in a week time.” — Jade Email 12/2015
“The very first day using Trade Ideas I was able to make enough to pay for many years of subscriptions to the service. Trade Ideas instantly identified opportunities based on an array of customizable criteria giving me the ability to get the right entry – it also provides resistance levels to aid in setting profit targets. I’ve been trading for many years and have used multiple services, platforms, and scanners. I can say that based on the quality and timelines of signals this is by far the best tool for me and one that should be considered by all traders. After the first day I cancelled other services and switched my monthly subscription to the annual subscription – I am that confident about this tool and encourage you to try it.” – Jorge Rodriguez Email 11/2015
Marissa, Thanks for the help. You guys at Trade-Ideas keep up the good work. I love all the new developments and am looking forward to the new “AI” stuff on the horizon. — Greg AlQatami Email 11/2015
Jamie, Just wanted to thank you for taking the time today to give an introductory tutorial on trade ideas and AI… I think what your company is doing is really amazing stuff. I can’t imagine how you don’t get excited to go to work every day. I wish I was a programmer as I’d imaging working at your company is really excited stuff. — David B Email 10/2015
Thank you very much. I can’t believe you guys are so prompt. Best service ever. — Dennis Verrett Email 10/2015
Thank you. The webinars give me such a better understanding of what is going on in the market. — Nathan Brabon Email 09/2015
Hey Barrie im in the chatroom almost everyday but i don’t talk much so maybe you don’t recognize my name, just wanted to say i greatly enjoy your recap videos and i think you do an amazing job at the chatroom calling out your trades and helping people out. Im very happy with my subscription in Trade-Ideas and im excited for the future of this amazing product,company,managers and group of people. I know you get paid to do this but i still wanted to thank you for what you do, amazing energy in the chat and in your videos. — Leon Kaufman Email 09/2015
Barrie, thanks to you guys, been trading couple years done chat room circuit few months here and there never have I seen a room where so many guys help and share info so freely without asking anything in return, and for free, astonishing really – Df Will Email 09/2015
Wow I cant believe I have been with TI for that long. That … username is from when I was 18. I am 30 now. That should show you guys you are providing a great service and growing in the right direction. – M. Nauss Email 07/2015
impressed by quick response and from no less than the head honcho/top gun @ Trade-Ideas. Thanks again Dan. This is the way customer service should be. – Fernando Chat Comment 06/2015
Hey Jamie, Can’t thank you enough for yesterday. While my DTW chatroom was losing, I was sitting on my hands after watching my Turbo up vs down window. 80% down and 20% up. I took three trades today, all winners. Already making a difference already. I’m going to tweet about this! – Carl Afable Email 04/2015
thanks for letting me use the software its amazing tool still learning how to use it but all i can say its wow. – Boni Kasston Email 04/2015
been using your turbo break up on active trader channel.  Very nice profits. Email 04/2015
@Tradeideas1 Love your product and feel Fidelity should have it. Anything I can do on my side to help with the push to get Fidelity on board? – @TTCSN Twitter 04/2015
Not sure how I was able to trade before @TradeIdeas1, but now that I have it I can’t trade without it. #daytrading #investing – @CarlAfableLA Twitter 04/2015
@TradeIdeas1 I better hide my PnL from the wife or she’ll ask for another purse… 8) – @yell0wbuddha Twitter 04/2015
@TradeIdeas1 Trade Ideas found me $ECIGD but I was too dumb to buy. up 35%.Whatever you’re charging for the program it’s a mega deal! – thetraderslab StockTwits 04/2015
“Thank you so much! Customer service at its finest!” – Bixby Bautista Email 03/2015
[Trade Ideas is] by far the BEST product on the market. – Lt Harris Email 03/2015
The product is great. I am recommending Trade-Ideas to other traders that I know. – Richard Kuchar Email 03/2015
Thanks and you are right, I found it this morning. You wouldn’t believe that I was alerted to LL this morning, on see it before the news feature, which has the 1 minute volume feature already programmed in it. Because of it, I’m sitting on a nice reversal profit today! Would have been more if I shorted it, but I think it was in circuit breaker, not sure if my firm had any available shares to short anyway, once the firm got net long. I am really seeing the awesome value in Trade Ideas. I am looking for a long and prosperous relationship with this firm. Thanks again. – David Pope Email 02/2015
@TradeIdeas1 My goal is for people to view my live trading chat room like I view Trade-Ideas. I wouldn’t think of trading without it! – @greatstockpix Twitter 01/2015
@TradeIdeas1 I’ve out traded 3 trading rooms so far.Jeez. How do these guys stay afloat?They must not use TI! I bought $WDC and let her run. – @thetraderslab StockTwits 01/2015
love the and love Trade Ideas – my #1 tool – @StockCats Twitter 12/2014
Just wanted to say I love the new features!!!!!Have to figure it out, but I know I will be able to use it. – Anna Bizzotto Email 12/2014
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, I HIT 20+ 100% AND UP. I THINK I LOVE YOU, LMAO – MichaelEmail 11/2014@TradeIdeas1 up 35% on fitx and 9.7% on $BAXS. Trade Ideas makes this possible! Thanks again ,Dan!! – @thetraderslab StockTwits 11/2014
Love your software and love using it… Can’t wait to figure out all of the ins and outs. – Jeff Fortis LinkedIn 07/2014
I must tell you of all the software that I have used over the last 20 years trading stocks yours is simply the best. I got tons of value for my money as a subscriber. And I thank you and your whole team for that. I wish your company continued success. – Bryon Friesen Email 06/2014
From: Mike TStory URL: Aferiat,I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how useful your daily articles [from] and trade ideas are. I really appreciate all the advice you share. Please keep it coming.Yours truly,Mike T. Email 05/2014
Hi Trade Ideas. Been using your product for a couple years now approx. and can honestly say it’s the best tools for finding the hot stocks of the day. Hands down. I love it. – Leon Streik Email 05/2014
@TradeIdeas1 Trade Ideas does it again! SNLX and VAPE.I don’t get outta bed for less than 100%! lol – @superstocktradesmadeeasy StockTwits 04/2014
Great job with the daily video initiative..I think it is a giant step towards raising Trade-ideas awareness. – Elvis Email 03/2014
@TradeIdeas1 well whatever you’re in you rock! Oh wait, sorry,not you.Your Program,Trade Ideas does! You,you’re – @superstocktradesmadeeasy StockTwits 03/2014
Hi Barrie,Ah!…just watch the video of March 4, 2014 and liked the explanation on how to create a filter to find PB on 8% gainers!The most difficult thing for an avg. user is to create this kind of things..So pls keep them coming!AH u made me feel like to give TI another try! :-)THXDavid Email 02/2014
Barrie is a true asset to Trade Ideas.  He is highly-knowledgeable, professional and efficient! – Bruce Tennen Email 02/2014
@TradeIdeas1 @FiveCardStud I use trade ideas and don’t do so bad.Up 35% today alone on WNTR! Lol…a whole 135 bucks! TI is what found it – @superstocktradesmadeeasy StockTwits 02/2014
I am on Twitter @brucetennen. I just wanted to let you know that I watched your 10 minute presentation and was duly impressed. – Bruce Tennen Email 02/2014
@TradeIdeas1 Just one of many trade wins I’ve made using Trade Ideas software to double my short term trading principle already this year! – (Chris Sams @chrissams) Twitter 02/2014
@TradeIdeas1 Great thank you! I look forward to that. Best software on the planet – @smxctrader StockTwits 01/2014
Long time member here. Let me take the opportunity to say thanks on this very nice piece of software. Nice work, keep it up! — Elie Seif Email  11/2013
Thanks. I’m a fairly long-time user of your alerts. Probably won’t need the intro session.I’m still kicking myself for not getting OddsMaker months ago, BTW.No more spreadsheets and trying to visualize an inhuman amount of data.So far OddsMaker is half paid for from profits from one day’s use. ;)—Chris Email  8/2013
talked to marrissa she took care of every thing she is awesome as always—A Orlov Email  7/2013
You guys are just awesome… I will evangelize your product everywhere I go now…—O ThomasEmail  5/2013I’m glad you worked with Bulls on Wall Street to come up with this scanning tool, looks like it should make all of us trade like pros!—R Koenig Email  4/2013
I loved the webinar.—Praveen Email  4/2013
It [the webinar] was cool.—Nape Email  4/2013
It [the webinar] was informative. … I’ve been following you on twitter and must say I am impressed with your trading style.—Joe Email  4/2013
thanks for checking up, yea it [the webinar] was cool. I liked the fact that you can get a visual of how the stock is doing in recent timeframes without actually going to the chart.—Richard Email  4/2013
I like the scan.  I currently use Etrade.—Cindy Email  4/2013
I liked it [the webinar] a lot! and I planned to watch it again later today.—David Email  4/2013
your presentation, a winning strategy, was remarkably good…—G Strange Email  4/2013
I was looking for a way to read the tape and Trade Ideas fit the bill. Again, this software program has been reliable in the most intense markets I have had to operate in. They only get better. The customer service is excellent in all my interactions, from billing to tech. A great example of a well run operation and quality product!—”Ironplates” Message Board 4/2013
Thanks Dan. Things are going better than I could’ve imagined. I started almost 4.5 months ago and have made 7% return. These market changes have provided a lot of learning lessons. Looking forward to trying some new strategies.—T Stanley Email  4/2013
I am enjoying the product very much. I already have already set up several Top Lists to act as screeners, created Symbols Lists from those results and applied those Symbols Lists to some Alerts. I am also doing some basic back-testing using the History function on the Alerts I have set up. I am Loving this!!!I appreciate your help.And, I love your product!—C Guthrie Email  4/2013
It was an excellent webinar…I have watched it twice, and it gave me small profits in AMZN and DECK on thursday, but my usual AAPL scalping gave me an overall P&L minus, so I will quit that strategy now and only focus on the Barrie inspired method of good preparation and thereby with high probability finding the stocks that move.Keep up the good work!—M Anderson Email  3/2013
Thank you for your e-mail.  It was helpful.I use Trade-Ideas with Scottrade and think it is an excellent product.—H Till Email  3/2013
Dear BarrieI enjoied to see your webiner about after market scannersIm using TI for 2 years and im doing well.I would like to get the layouts that you showed in the webinar.—D Dahan Email  3/2013
Barrie,I want to personally thank you for the outstanding webinar you did today. I’ve had Trade-Ideas for many years with my Scottrade Elite account and never really used it, probably because I never appreciated it’s usefulness. Well that has ended today!… Thanks again for showing how to use this tool in an integrated way.—F Wiedman Email  3/2013
Brad/DanThat particular change solved the issue. I really appreciate you looking into it, wouldn’t have figured that out on my own. [Editor’s note: Need help? Contact us.]—Sau Email  3/2013
Hey guys first off let me start out by saying I’ve been a user of Trade Ideas for years and love it.  In fact I love it so much that I have way too many alert windows open and on a daily basis it feels like my head is spinning.I also wanted to say thanks a lot for listening to your customers, it’s hard to find in this industry. Also the improvements to the product just since I began using it have been incredible. Keep up the great work!—B Adams Multiple Emails  3/2013
The active trading application, E*Trade Pro, includes a terrific strategy scanner [Editor’s note: Powered by Trade-Ideas] which includes pre-set strategies as well as a “wizard” that lets you build your own. You can backtest the result of a strategy, and then optimize it based on those results. This scanner adds discipline and removes emotion, which is important for active traders.—Theresa Carey Barron’s, “Back Online!”  3/9/2013
Hi Dan:… great presentation with Trade-Ideas and the option stuff.  I have been trading options more than stocks and this is great to have these tools.  I took some of the windows and added them to my existing ones and it works awesome.Thanks and keep up the great work.  I have been with you guys for almost 10 years now.Catch up soon and say hi to David for me and Brad.All the Best—B Tandy Email  2/2013
i just wanted to let u know that i have been in number of chat rooms in the past .. t-i is by far the best.. such a great group of traders …—A Orlov Email  2/2013


Comment Source
Wonderful!!!!!!!! It worked. You’re a great teacher. Your step by step directions on how to set that up was perfect. —Erica R Email  9/2012
Thanks. It shows some interesting patterns. I modified a couple of things and worked out pretty well. —gmv Message Board  8/2012
I am writing to let you know I think your service is great.  I have found the ability to scan markets very helpful, as well as looking at similar stocks. Keep up the good work. —T Pannett Email  8/2012
As far as Trade Ideas is concerned; it’s the best in the business! —E Lackey Email  8/2012
Rocking my @TradeIdeas shirt today. Great idea generating service for traders —Brian Lund Twitter  7/2012
TI day trading strategies “all I can say is …wow!” I’ve been using TI from Scottrade Elite and I think its incredible tool! —Lina Email  7/2012
Hello Dan, The Trade Ideas software is incredible and I would use it in the future.. I’ve cancelled the subscription because of I will change the monthly plan to yearly plan. Have a nice day! —Alex C Email  7/2012
I have been a Trade Ideas customer for over 2 years and while I always thought their product was fantastic, they have now taken it to new level.  Tell them what you are looking for in a strategy and they will custom design it for you.  That’s what they did for me and the results have been nothing less than astonishing.  This has completely changed the way I trade now – I just wait for an alert to trigger and I enter the trade with complete confidence.  Thanks guys for creating a great custom strategy for me!!Do you need a sales rep for Canada lol? —B Bruin Email  7/2012
Hi Dan .. that alert is plain voodoo – I may as well not do anything until I hear that alert – it can’t be this easy, can it?? —Barrie Email  7/2012
Now that is awesome!  …  Great job guys! —Bryan Message Board  6/2012
…a powerful real-time stock scanner… …sophisticated and highly customizable… …comes with a wealth of features right out of the box, which users expand on… —American Association of Individual Investors. Article  6/2012
It took me a while to find the new filter. But now that I have, I am very happy and most impressed. Thank you for the great support. —Darron G [Editor’s note:  Our support team made a custom filter for Darron.] Email  5/2012
I am a very happy customer of your services. —Guno V. Email  5/2012
Your product is a very good one.  I love TI as software. —J. Kopani Email  5/2012
please reinstate [my account] so i can print more cash. thanks. —Jason M. Email  5/2012
I’ve been a Trade-Ideas user since March 2009, and I can honestly attribute a large part of my trading success to using this software. —Matt Blog Post  3/2012
The new OM results window is great! —”othermbx” Message Board  3/2012

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Comment Source
Trade Ideas rocks.. I’ve had more success this year than ever before. —Aaron Hamilton Twitter  12/2011
Jamie,I REALLY like these scans so far.  My goal is $250 per day and I hit that on Thursday by 7am and this morning hit $350 by 7:15am PST (I started liquidating positions at the $250 mark but they kept moving so my profit increased substantially before I was out completely).Thanks! —M. Berrey Email  12/2011
Ellie is home today from school. She looks over my shoulder at my desk and watches a screen layout full of Trade Ideas windows and Quantalytics in full effect.”Daddy, is this the screen you use to rule the world?” 11/2011
My name is Matt Nadell and I’m a prop trader and the head trainer at Great Point Capital in Chicago and an avid user of Trade-Ideas.By my conservative estimate, the opportunities I’ve found using my Trade-Ideas filters have been directly responsible for over $100,000 in trading profits in each of the past two years. It’s opened up a wide universe of strategies that I would have never been able to trade before (Feel free to use that as a testimonial!). In fact, if you look at the following graph of my verified trading results, you can see that my results started to pick up steam after I began using Trade-Ideas in March of 2009. Email  11/2011
Hi Brad, I’m sure you hear from users loud and clear when something is wrong. How about when something’s right! Just wanted to let you know what a good product your scanner pro is. I was in old vcm trading which is now ifundtraders. Over the years I have perfected a couple of scans which help us (our daily trading room where Dan Mielcarski is moderator) immensely on a daily basis. One scan checks for climactic moves up or down. The other finds large what we call “Elephant” bars. I have included an attachment showing the latest play which it called right @ the bottom. While not every play works like this, many do and so far the vast majority of the alerts go on to show a profit, enough that I felt compelled to send you this note. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help promote this very well written product. Best regards —Tim Herwig Email  10/2011
got the quantalytics from forum – thanks 1st signal that worked for me 1st trade —@MoreAces Twitter  9/2011
Dan this cloud based application is the Shizzle.  I have a window for up/down 1 min volume and a window for advancers by time frame. This is space age tape reading. —Brooklyntrader Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  9/2011
I found the most recent blog entry on to be one of the best pieces of trade related writing I’ve read in a long time. —”othermbx” Message Board  9/2011
I need to tell it you guys again: you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your developped the best trading tool ever!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys!!!!! and this to a very good price where even I as a student can afford it. thanks so so so much!!! kind regards —Kilian Email  6/2011
Hey, it’s up and running now.  WOW NICE LAYOUT!!!…Version 3.0.26….You can certainly quote me on this now… “…Wow! If you can’t make $$$ with this sparking crisp with precision version of TI-Pro, don’t know what scanner out there will.”Send my thanks to Dan and all the great people at TI. —Kelvin Email  6/2011
It’s a great product. —Aleksey M. Email  5/2011
You guys are the best.I just integrated the new filters with my alerts and they are working perfectly.  I am able to weed out some of the super-small cap. stocks.I appreciate it, big time. Thank you a million!I wish to thank you guys for the excellent service Trade-Ideas Pro offers.  I use the software religiously to supplement my trading – it works dreams. …thank you for offering an outstanding product and keep up the good work.—J. Brill Multiple Emails  4/2011
you service is awesome, just inredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys!just awesome man!!!!!! really an honor to be member of your service!!! thank you very much, please also really transmit my entire respect for the hole team of trade-ideas! you guys are awesome!—kilian s. Multiple Emails  3/2011

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Comment Source
I have been using Trade Ideas for a while and i think it’s an awesome product. I notice you have added the 1 minute daily, ADX, +DI , and -Di filters. This is awesome. Just want to thank you for your great work. —J. Kuang Email  12/2010
Hi Dan,I’ve listened to your Stock Twit TV series of videos twice now. I feel like I know you. LOL. You’ve got a way of interacting with the camera like you’re talking to a friend.Are you going to do anymore videos? I’d like to cast a vote for “yes”. I know that it’s a lot of work, but you are a special talent and it’s great for you to share. I took a break from your software for about a year and your presentations really brought home the value of TIPlus, too, thanks for your twitter work. It’s been very educational following you.If you are not going to do anymore videos, maybe it’s time to get Jamie working on some : )Thanks again, Dan. —Scott Email  12/2010
big thanks to @TradeIdeas custom scanner on my scottrade elite platform…picked up $icgn, plus 44% in a 90 minute trade, still have 1/3 —”dakapbj” Twitter  11/2010
I have found your software to be very easy to get fully up to speed on and am very happy with it. —Marc M Email  11/2010
I love TI btw – i wouldn’t trade without it Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  10/2010
HiI just wanted to let you know that Jamie spent over 1 hour with me.  He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.Jamie was wonderful helping me.Thanks!—S Yeh Email  10/2010
Marissa, where have you guys been all my life…. waoh! I am getting blown away by the functionality and capability of your software. Waoh! Whoever your developers and founders are – tell them a client far away in Nigeria is saying GOD BLESS THEM….. BIG TIME. This is an incredible wonder…. I can see profitability on my trades already – To think of the fact that your service cost less than some of the services I have subscribed too and currently use and yet it is 1,000 times more effective makes me pinch myself to be sure this is real. You guys and awesome – keep up the good job. I am very grateful. Kind regards and don’t forget to schedule me for the training and let me know how things go. In the mean time, I am enjoying myself all the way with this incredible gift. Waoh! —S. I. Email  8/2010
Hi, Dan –I just want to tell you that Jamie is the world’s best person on a help line!Jamie coached me from scratch on Scottrade Elite’s version of your software on June 2, 2010, starting at 1722 hours (East Coast time). He is patient with novices like me. He is obviously technically proficient in not only your software, but also trading systems overall. He has a sense of humor. That goes a long way when helping newcomers in anything. I got a lot out of his careful and methodical teaching session.I’m old. I have contacted many helpline people over the years. Jamie is without doubt the best person I have ever encountered on a helpline! Give him a raise…and fervently hope he stays with your company forever!—John D. Email  6/2010
@Urbane_Gorilla: @TradeIdeas1 Just want to say that the TradeIdeas iPhone app is about the only piece of software that actually works… Twitter  6/2010
excellent! most responsive, customer-oriented company i’ve experienced in a long time. “morechocolate”— Message board  5/2010
I’ve been a member of trade-ideas since past September and really love the service you guys provide.  I genuinely could not be an effective trader without your product.  …  I also like the new category-based search. —L. Boyette Email  5/2010
…have access to big buffalo bucks … without any of the hassle… Trade-Ideas caters to a wide array of trading, such as swing trading and day trading.  4/2010
yr product is too gd! and i truly mean it – this is a great service and i’m wearing my new trade ideas tshirt as we speak —B. Einarson Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  4/2010
From: Moe Omary Date: March 25, 2010 To: Subject: For Your Testimonial PageMarissa is doing a wonderful job somebody should give her a raise and the rest of the day off.Moe Omary – avid fan of Trade-Ideas Pro Email  3/2010
imo trade-ideas wins on all points, and your prompt help on this board plus your blog and tweets are a major difference. —”morechocolate” Private Message  2/2010
…far better than Whisper or Madscan… —”frisbeedogs” Email  2/2010
Been using TI Pro for several months now and its great.  You guys really hit the mark with this software. —Victor G. Email  1/2010

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Comment Source
Jamie was very helpful.  Thanks a lot for offering the training session for new customers! —Doug B. Email  12/2009
Excellent, thank you very much!  …and keep up the great work! —Phil T. Email  12/2009
@TradeIdeas Thank you, love your market scanner pays for itself. —”YoYo_Trader” Twitter  12/2009
…subscribe to @TradeIdeas software.  It is an amazingly powerful tool, loving it so far… $$ —”YoYo_Trader” Twitter  12/2009
Thanks for the swift reply.  And thank you for creating a great product. —C. H. Cheah Email  11/2009
I have been using Trade-Ideas within Scottrade Elite for a couple years now. I like it. —Marc J. Email  11/2009
great.. keep up the good work. I’ve been with you guys for over five years now —”brooklyntradr” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  11/2009
This s a great implementation of the Trade-Ideas platform!  I can’t get over the idea of having this in my pocket all the time. —”Shortline” App Store  9/2009
RT @TodayTrader: Thank you $USU ! using the volume surge alerts from @tradeideas to find these things. >>>Excellent product. Excellent. —”AnneMarie2006″ Twitter  9/2009
…I have enjoyed reading.  Nice blog.  I will keep visiting… —”Trader Blastradius” Blog  9/2009
Hello, I receive your wonderful product through [my broker], which sponsors my free use of your services. —A. Lousky Email  8/2009
hi – bob g here.  i just subscribed to trade-ideas annual subscription, and had a learning session with jamie today.jamie was extremely helpful, knowledgable, and worked with me to answer all my questions about how my trading strategies could best be helped with trade-ideas.& i’ve been trading for ten years, and am confident in my abilities; TI can help me find more setups that i might have missed before, and jamie’s teaching has given me the first few steps i need to learn how to use TI for added benefits.i’m glad he could call, just wanted to let you know when something’s good! —best, bob g. Email  8/2009
You have the best scanner on the net but you know that. —T. Moore Email  8/2009
I was writing because i have been using your software for awhile now and love the backtesting feature. —M. Whitworth Email  8/2009
I like your Trade-Ideas very much. —R. Gomez Phone call  8/2009
Keep up the great work team TI.Thank you for your recommendations, I am currently using those alerts successfully…  Let me also take this opportunity to thank you and your great team for your excellent work and constant improvement on one of the pillars of my trading since 2005. —W. Anderson Multiple Emails  8/2009
Thanks for the pleasant and efficient support. —A. Stehli Email  6/2009
Thanks for the response on trading Brad.  TI-PRO is the best data stream I have ever used and I cant believe I ever made money without it.  Cant spare the time right now for training but am anxious to ask you many questions when I am free.  Lets get together in a few weeks if possible.  THANKS —S. Wilson Email  6/2009
Dan, made money everyday since my first day using TI-PRO.  Excellent system and market data.  Its given me an endless supply of stocks to short and alerts me to all gappers in the morning.  Very easy to set new filters and customize.  I am already wondering how I ever got along without it.  Keep up the good work! —S. Wilson Email  6/2009
TradeIdeas is turning up some good trading opportunities. I think it is a very useful tool. I find news and TradeIdeas very helpful and I would hate to lose them. —”AssetHound” Scottrade Forum  6/2009
I like your new site and blog look.  Nice job. —T. Braski Email  6/2009
You could probably scan for Romulans with this thing.  It scans almost everything! Looks like a great tool, Brad. You guys much be cleaning up every day with all these powerful tools. Pretty cool thanks for staying up!! Thank you, a great session. gr8 tool.  Thanks for your time. —various users Pristine ESP chat room  6/2009
@TradeIdeas luv new website, spshly indv stock quotes with all tech indicators…really helps fine tune scans….thx! —Joseph Kennedy Twitter  6/2009
Hello … I just opened a TDAmeritrade Account and I would like to subscribe to Trade-Ideas Pro. FANTASTIC SCANNER!  It’s JUST AMAZING! Thank you very much! —R. Merritt Email  6/2009
First I would like to say, Thank you!  Your software with the TDA robot is working great.  It sees the trades I want and orders it faster than I could ever do. —M. Whitworth Email  6/2009
@wyldelee … best product out for finding the momo. love it! @tradeideas $$ —”BuyOnTheDip” Twitter  5/2009
Hi Marissa The account is up and running.  Talk about awesome service! Thanks for your help and have a great day. Andrew —Andrew Email  5/2009
@TradeIdeas When I have kids, I’m going to name one of them Trade Ideas, Inc….is that wrong? —Joseph Kennedy Twitter  5/2009
@TradeIdeas I am loving the scan from this morn. most of today’s were winners at least 1-2%. awesome. may tweak ltl. gr8 stuff as usual $$ —”Scalper68″ Twitter  4/2009
I can’t speak highly enough about [your service]. —M. Pehlivan Email  4/2009
A friend turned me on to the Trade Ideas software, and I downloaded it today to check it out.  It is totally awesome. —S Miller, Kuwait Email  4/2009
I love the Scottrade Elite platform mainly for the Trade Ideas. —”TikiGal” Message Board  4/2009
[In reference to the Trade-Ideas blog,] @TradeIdeas best blog on trading I’ve read in a month —Sonny Rock Twitter  4/2009
I decided to register for a full year this morning.  3 alerts and the fees were recovered 4 times :).  My screens are already full of useful information. —Olivier from Belgium Email  4/2009
I am wearing a @TradeIdeas t-shirt and ruffly panties. May not be sexy, but very comfeeee! —”TradingGoddess” Twitter  4/2009
trade-ideas has some great vol alerts —Alex D. Twitter  4/2009
Trade Ideas is awesome I have been using Trade Ideas for many months now and have found it to be an awesome product.  TI is the only product out there that can do high-frequency backtesting over thousands of stocks at once.  The Trade Ideas interface is far easier to use than other programming-based products such as tradestation, and has a wide variety of filters, including some great ones not available anywhere else.  The automated trading program and backtester (oddsmaker) are also very user-friendly.  All together, it makes TI a fantastic power tool for traders. —”russellm” Message Board  4/2009
Trade-Ideas Support:  “To help you get started, we would like to offer you a one on one training session with our director of education.  If you would like to take advantage of this training, please reply to this email.” A. Boiko:  “yes please – only I live in London (England) – will he fly here? :-))” Email  3/2009
I have now joined Trade-Ideas and my subscription started last week.  I am enjoying it and also making some money too. —S. Baidya, Toronto Email  3/2009
Trade Ideas is a VERY powerful tool. —J. Ciaramicoli Email  3/2009
I use eSignal as my chart provider, LightSpeed as my broker, and Trade Ideas as my scanner…  I must say, all three are a lethal combination —”ClayTrader” Message Board  3/2009
Thank you very much.  I am enjoying TI more and more as I use it in ScottradeElite, and look forward to improvements which I read about on your site. —Art Email  3/2009
Banked some coin on daytrades via first brush with scans today.  Powerful tool worth checking out. —Andy Swan Twitter  3/2009
@TradeIdeas I love how you guys are in TASC now.  one of my few paper subscriptions.  I’ve been meaning to test your lunch time fade strat. —”downtowntrader” a.k.a. Joey Twitter  2/2009
Thanks Dan, I knew it had to be possible with a comprehensive program like yours — I had written it for RadarScreen on my TradeStation platform, and if I could do it, it had to be easily done on yours — I appreciate your quick response, and I will immediately subscribe to your program. —P. House Email  2/2009
Now this is some good information.  Please, Please continue to post… —Bob Blog  2/2009
love that eagles screener [in reference to this] —”stevenplace” Twitter  2/2009
Thanks, I am all squared away, you have been very helpful.  The new backtester is substantially better. —A. Foster Email  1/2009
Hi there, i recently got a subscription to the service – great product – —Tim Tuba Email  1/2009
Perfect! Thanks! —M. Schnurr Email  1/2009

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Comment Source
Thanks for your fast reply.  I have been playing with the trade-ideas scanner for the past few weeks and have been very impressed.  I trade with a friend who uses Tradestation and I am able to find stocks that fit his criteria that don’t come up on his scans! —Houston Dunaway Email  12/2008
[I’m a] long time subscriber and appreciate your product very much. —B. Dornan Email  12/2008
You guys are completely awesome! —John Coan Email  12/2008
I have averaged 3.9% per transaction [using the OddsMaker]. —”Vegas Subscriber” Email  12/2008
Dear TI, Let me start by saying you guys ROCK !.  You have one of the best stock screening strategies deployed.  I am using TI for few years now within Scottrades Elite Platform and can vote that TI has helped me consistently make money.I loved your integration of ODDS Maker into Elite… —”maruti” Message Board  12/2008
By the way, thank you for the T-Shirt. —Richard Email  12/2008
I have Tradestation and its new scanner is almost useless for the time frames that I care about such as the fastest rising or falling stocks in the last 1min, 5min, 15 min, and 1 hour time frames. Email  12/2008
“Auto-Trading Doesn’t Listen When You Whine” by @TradeIdeas – best post title I’ve seen in months! ;-) —”StockTickr” Twitter  12/2008
Those videos are pretty awesome, nice work. —Greg Hamilton Twitter  12/2008
the software helped me today and did not even know how to use it —”JasonAssent” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  12/2008
i really like your product —”RfaceS111″ Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  12/2008
Great top lists- thanks [in reference to] —Dennis Mooney Twitter  12/2008
I must say I’m glad your software is as good as it is….but your customer service is phenominal and much appreciated…thank you very much….I look forward to being a long time subcriber. Thanks again for every thing and have a nice day. All the best. —Victor from Canada Email  12/2008
Hey, thanks for making a cancellation easy for once.  Most of the time for these type of services it takes a half dozen emails then a follow up phone call when the charge shows up on my card again. Appreciate it. Have a good week. —Adam Email  11/2008
Hi I downloaded your software, and just wanted to send an e-mail to say THANK YOU.I was a former member of the NYSE and I am now day trading. —Bob Constantino Email  11/2008
Hi Dan,Just had a great meeting with Jamie – thought he did an absolutely superb job, well above and beyond the call of duty!This presentation not only showed me what the Scanner can do, but introduced me to a number of strategies, and the whole automated robot execution idea such as you guys have with Assent.I’m a former futures floor trader making the transition to trading equities on the screen.  I started back in late Fall of 2006 with the whole bids/offers stepping up and down and reading the specialist – all of which has gone out the window since the Hybrid came in.  The guys leading our group were back to square one, so after a 9 month break last year to re-group, I started trading again in February using price and volume as this was most familiar to me from my days on the floor.Anyway, thanks again to both you and Jamie, We’ll talk soon, —Dave Email  11/2008
As they say in Dragontales…. “LUUUUV IT!” (gotta stop watching TV with the kids!) —Cash C. Email  11/2008
as a long time user of @tradeideas, I entire vouch for their platform!!  Great stuff!! —”MissTrade” Twitter  11/2008
The team @tradeideas is serving up hundreds of daily ideas for trades and investments.  Thanks guys. —Howard Lindzon Twitter  10/2008
Woohoo way to go Trade-Ideas!  A bought it and it paid itself of on my first trade when it spotted DTG ahead of its rally up to 143% last week.  I banked a nice profit on that one, paying my subscription for the next 12 months!  Thanks guys! —Jean-Paul facebook  10/2008
been a great month, only had 3 loosing days (1st three) and my average per day over the whole month is 9.5 pts —John Shepherd Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  10/2008
Thank you…  Great service! —F. Fonseca Email  10/2008
Thank-you for your prompt reply.  (Of course you were right.)  As a programmer, I can’t imagine the servers you are running all this on. —Jean G. Email  10/2008
I’ve been a user for a few years now – love the product. —H. Schwarz Email  10/2008
I would like to reinstate my trade-ideas.  I used it for years and years your product is great and I can’t be without it. —R. Goldblatt Email  10/2008
An amazing tool… —”JeePee” Blog  10/2008
Thank you very much for your detailed answer.  You really go above and beyond what’s necessary to help customer.  You not only answer the questions I asked but made sure that I came away with a deeper understanding of how the tools work so I can answer questions I haven’t asked yet.  I’ve been speculating on which approximations the OddsMaker uses and this helps a lot.  Thanks again. —Adrian Email  10/2008
Our Trade Ideas filters helps us identify stocks making explosive moves with unusual volume, ideal for our style of trading.  On light volume days our desk gets 40% of their ideas from these filters.

—Gilbert Mendez, Head Trader, SMB CapitalEmail  9/2008Just demo’d your software for the 1st time – very impressive! —”blenderking”Twitter  9/2008This is a good product… I … can breathe a sigh of relief because of your services… Thank you for you and your company’s hard work… —Arely, Dominican RepublicEmail  9/2008great reply. thank you —”alexa”Message Board  9/2008I’m sorry to say that I must once again cancel my subscription.  Fortunately, this time however, I will not have to do without your company’s wonderful product.  I have decided to move some monies to a Scottrade account where, as I understand, I will have access to your company’s product.  During the time that I have been an active trader I have not found a product, available to retail traders, that comes close to yours.  It has been the only tool I have used that made me feel like I had a fighting chance to compete with the “Big Boys.”  I look forward to future product developments from you and your staff. —P. DavidEmail  8/2008I’ve been using the software and I’m loving it! —J. MyersEmail  8/2008The alerts you can build from Trade-Ideas are very powerful, and I would venture to say you could probably use some of the prepackaged alerts pretty successfully.  I’ve been using this software for years now, and it’s fantastic… Very stable platform (all applications) with very fast executions from alert to journal entry. Very inexpensive for having a complete trading BOT with no programming required. —”Downtowntrader”Blog  8/2008Anyone who feels they need more than what TI provides isn’t much of a trader imo.  Been using it for years and couldn’t be happier with it. —”Dustin”Message Board  8/2008Anyone with an idoa of sense soon realizes that the choices of filters and your ability to configure them is more than ample power… This offer is hard to beat. —”SOESBandit94″Message Board  8/2008Love your program… Thanks —Tim W., AustraliaEmail  8/2008I wish to thank u for this great product. —A. SternEmail  7/2008Really like some of the environmental filters you have added recently.  When I combine those with 15 Minute RSI I find attractive short term setups all the time. —D. FelskeResponse to newsletter  7/2008We are recommending you guys like crazy spreading great BUZZ about your TRADE-IDEAS FULL VERSION/SCOTTRADE LITE on the forums/blogs.  Your excellent products are appreciated!! —J. CornettaEmail  7/2008I really appreciate your service this past two months. —Rob F.Email  6/2008You guys have a great product here…wish I’d found it earlier, but please pass along my credit to the developers. —Jay R.Email  6/2008I have Scottrade Elite with your Trade-Ideas program.  It looks like this search engine can do just about anything. —Howard G.Email  6/2008Trade-Ideas remains one of the most useful programs I run here. —Bill S.Email  6/2008Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak with Jamie.  He is so knowledgeable and showed me some neat tips, and answered all of my questions.  You really have a first class product, and obviously a group of first class employees.  I’m really excited about oddsmaker – I think it will prove invaluable to my trading. —Becky M.Email  6/2008It looks like it works…  I made over $200+ to-day. —J. ChanEmail  5/2008Very impressive…  This shows the RT scanning at its best in terms of alerting to a stock I would not have been following at all…  I also love how you are able to link to other charting software so effectively. —I. ArstallEmail  5/2008Stock screeners are indispensable tools for today’s active stock trader… is the industry standard in this space.  It’s not free but well worth the cost. —Dave GoodboyBlog  4/2008thanks so much for your time awesome demo spectacualr tool i’ve been at this 7 yrs or so too and that is so powerful —T. TrimmerInstant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  4/2008ok, thx for your time andifnromation.  looking forward to the genesis API.  you guys are always improving, which is how you maintain a client base.  there are plenty of new applications that end up falling behind. —”bdorn77″Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  3/2008Merci beaucoup pour votre rapidité, Vous êtes aussi efficace que votre produit, —Thérèse F.Email  2/2008I appreciate how responsive you guys are.  TI is indeed a fantastic product, I can’t imagine trading without it. —D. MasonEmail  1/2008Thanks again for your patience.  I like dealing with your company. —M BakerEmail  1/2008 [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text]

Comment Source
Trust TI —”Squeegee_1″ Investor’s Hub  12/2007
Thanks…  downloading this weekend so I can start building the lists….  appreciate the great response time on my questions….  you DO NOT get that kind of customer service very often today. —Doug R Email  12/2007
your support is top notch —”jfrase79″ Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  11/2007
The last two days were very good yesterday I made $1000 + on two trades today I made $950 on 5 trades with only one of them a loser.  Hope it continues this way. —S. Fried Email  10/2007
Love your product it helps me immensely to see what’s moving in the market. —M. Thomas. Email  10/2007
Great! Thanks for such a quick response. —Jay Email  10/2007
The volume spike filters are great.  It’s exactly what I needed.  Great job. —Ewart R. Email  10/2007
I feel blind without TI running. Keep up the good work. —Van R. Email  10/2007
Thanks for all the great work! —Wade Blog  9/2007
Wow!  I just got everything hooked up and your program is excellent!  I just linked to my QCharts application in which I had three windows set up for 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes (separate windows within QCharts with various technical indicators) and it updated all three windows simultaneously!Your appllication was able to link up seamlessly!  I am impressed!This is much better than I every could have imagined.  Look forward to the one-to-one lesson, but I already am using the bull and bear alert window to find stocks that moving.  I am options daytrader and this is exactly what I need to identify potential trades during the day.GOOD JOB!I just closed on a position in Genentech (DNA) for 3.9% since I our last email using your program! 3.9% in an hour…not bad… —Rich Multiple Emails  8/2007
I was actually pleased to find out the problem was at my end, its important to have faith in the scanning software, thanks for your time. —John Email  8/2007
I have had some super days, right off the bat.  Trade-Ideas is fantastic.  I trade mainly gap ups and gap downs and have tickers set up for each.The alerts allow me to find the ones that have pulled back into a range and then break up or down again.  I can also find the ones that take off right at the open.I have so many stocks to trade, I am just focusing on the NYSE’s for now.Thanks for your and Brad’s help getting me set up.Thanks…  I got it up and running with no problem.  These alerts are working great. —Mark M. Multiple Emails  8/2007
The nice thing about the Odds Maker is that it enables you to backtest various opening ranges and breakouts to see if there’s been a solid edge to trading or fading those breakouts. —Brett Steenbarger Blog  7/2007
Thanks for the info and thanks for the t-shirt as well.  I can’t get enough of the oddsmaker, it adds a dimension to TI that I dont see how anyone could do without, what a great feature of a great tool. —J. Russell from Canada Email  7/2007
Why I Love Trade Ideas:  Without Trade Ideas these kinds of trades would be hard to find…  When I first started using it, I didn’t get it.  Now it makes up a big part of my trading day. —”TraderD” Blog  5/2007
You dont need anything but new highs your system is phenomenal 9 takeovers on new highs in last 2 weeks.  AH AL CYTC OCAS CVC FWLT UP 40 points on new high in 4 weeks.  DRYS from 24 to 42 in a month on new high.  MDR up 20 in a month TSO from $70 to 133.00.  I NEVER HIT A TAKEOVER IN MY LIFE I HIT 5 RECENTLY AND HAD AT LEAST 20 calls on each one…  I TOOK 10000 in OPTIONS TO 125k in 3 months..BEST SERVICE EVER..  IVE TOLD 50 people to sign up for your service… —Jeff Goss Email  5/2007
thank you very much you are the best —P. Welzeman, from Israel Email  5/2007
I couldn’t believe how many of those plays fit exactly what I was looking for in a trade! …within an hour of using Trade-Ideas, I was up almost $1000! —”JC” Blog  4/2007
Brad, Thank you so much for going out of your way to help me.  You have provided me with outstanding service.  My complements to you. —G. Voetsch Email  4/2007
Et enfin, mon coco de Pâques pour vous: (il ne se fait rien de mieux pour les traders actifs): (Translation: “And finally a gift for you for Easter: There’s nothing better for the active trader:”) Message Board  4/2007
Take a look at Trade Ideas.  If you are looking for really good candidates triggered by technicals or volume or any combination thereof, it’s a wonderful package. —”blast19″ Message Board  4/2007
Seriously suggest you use this —”Knyyt” Message board  3/2007
I enjoy your service very much and find it to be the best scanner on that market…  Thank you very much for your help and great product. —B Byrne Email  3/2007
excellent screening and low costs to those who have a good grasp of what they’re looking for —Don Bright of Bright Trading Website  3/2007
[11:58:05 AM] 007 says: just to let u know I made $395 using your ideas today [11:58:28 AM] 007 says: Thanks for creating such brilliant software [12:01:07 PM] dmirkin says: Great thank you [12:02:36 PM] 007 says: if u visit england dinners on me Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  3/2007
Hey, Brad! I just wanted to shoot a quick note off to you to say ‘thanks’ for the time you spent with me on my education in Trade Ideas basics recently.  It was great to talk with a knowledgeable, articulate and courteous representative.  (That would be you!)  –  I certainly do appreciate it.  I’m still amazed at what a powerful program Trade Ideas Pro is.  –  And with such a simple, straightforward interface!  Anyway, once again, thanks for your help. —Jay [Editor’s note:  Contact us to schedule your own Trade-Ideas tutorial.] Email  3/2007
4) Trade-Ideas:  Real-time stock screener with odds-maker allows me to monitor my watchlist using a variety of criteria in real-time.  Also serves as a real-time stock screener for intraday trading.  (Trade-Ideas) —Charles Kirk Subscription Website  3/2007
I’ve been looking at your API…  What I really want is to be able to link your alerts in the TI-Pro platform to my application.Got it all working, just the way I want.  Thanks again for your help! —Stan P. Multiple Emails  3/2007
I want to thank Trade Ideas for this great product. —Chris, from Belgium Email  2/2007
sirs; your product is great! use it every day. —Bruce M. Email  2/2007
I love trade-ideas and don’t want my subscription to end. —Kenneth T. Email  2/2007
Very powerful and customizable realtime scanning / filtering / researching for the active investor. —”AussieTrader” Message Board  2/2007
It’s like having 1,000 pairs of eyes on the market. —Scottrade TV Commercial  2/2007
Thanks for the tutorial offer.  We use Trade-Ideas to attract and retain clients.  The account I set up today is for a $15 million client who was being wooed by a competitor that offers a rather sophisticated back testing platform.  Perhaps we could schedule a simple familiarization call for the brokers in my branch so they could speak with confidence to our higher net-worth clients about your platform.  Thanks again…waiting with baited breath for the t-shirt. —Greg C. Email  1/2007 provides an excellent list of the most volatile stocks out there, as measured by their percentage moves on a daily basis.  The list could be a good starting point for those active traders looking for stocks to trade. stockpickr  1/2007
Thank you for a very helpful pice of software. —Mikkel, from Denmark Email  1/2007
I use Trade-Ideas as my real time scanner, and it is awesome. —Joey Fundora Blog  1/2007
Thanks for the good news, I can’t wait!  I look at the TI website every day, looking for updates. —J. Burnett Email  1/2007
[08:19] longboardcap: I was on a trial, and now i want to sign up. and keep my settings [08:19] longboardcap: how do i do that? [08:20] SupprtTradeIdeas: that is easy to do [08:20] SupprtTradeIdeas: just sign up for that same username and all of your settings will stay the same [08:20] longboardcap: ok, thanks [08:20] SupprtTradeIdeas: use this link [08:20] SupprtTradeIdeas: [08:22] longboardcap: It was interesting.. I had a lucky day my first day i was testing your service.. my first 10 trades were all winners.. pretty unusual.. just off your default screens.. and then my own personal screening of course [08:22] SupprtTradeIdeas: that is probably not typical but still great to hear [08:23] longboardcap: So, nice work.. I like getting to see the flow of the market.. which sectors are moving… that is good – if multiple stocks from the same sector are moving,, that tells me alot [08:23] SupprtTradeIdeas: Yes the software is meant to be like a heads up on what is going on to point you in the right direction [08:24] SupprtTradeIdeas: We are glad you are getting good use out of it and signing up [08:25] longboardcap: yes, it is exactly what I have been looking for..just didn’t know where to get it [08:25] SupprtTradeIdeas: :) Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  1/2007
I’ve been using your product for over a year and this fall I dove in deep to really customize some scans for my trading and it was worth the effort.  I like having a tool that rewards a deeper use! —C. Sauer Email  1/2007
I am not sure if this would interest you, but I have been able to successfully get Trade Ideas Pro running in Mac OSX with Crossover Version 6.  I am a diehard macuser and was using an emulation environment to run this.  This is a nice accomplishment.  It allows me to stay in my native OS.  Just an FYI —”bgiles117″ Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  1/2007
Love the software and ETP [Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s Enhancing Trader Performance, Wiley 2007] is an amazing book. At this stage, I like it a lot more than Trading in the Zone. —”flatwallet” Blog  1/2007
The only shining beacon was the Trade Ideas picks.  The 60 stocks picked over January had an impressive 70% profitability and an average return per trade of 20%.  Very impressive, especially considering the returns of my own picks!  The Trade Ideas widget in the sidebar features picks (less the volume parameters) with very similar parameters to the one used to mark these returns.  Subscribe to my Feed if you would like to get these picks for free in 2007. —Declan J. Fallon, B.A.(Mod). Ph.D. Blog  1/2007

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Comment Source
I just signed up for the 200/35 month plan.  You have an excellent product. —B. Moore Email  12/2006
I have actually simplified my scanning process, and I now only use Trade-Ideas.  …  I have to stress, I am using Trade-Ideas in a VERY limited way.  I am probably using 1/10 of 1% of the functionality their software encompasses.  …  I encourage you guys to try it out. —”Trader-X” Blog  11/2006
I love your product. —M. Huggett Email  11/2006
The Trade-Ideas folks came up with a great module for your Netvibes page.  Trade-Ideas and Stocktickr are two companies that get “it”.  They are constantly working to improve their products and bringing out fresh ideas. —”downtowntrader” Blog  11/2006
Trade Ideas is “a comprehensive and creative screening tool that really shines in intraday analyses.  [It] allows for layering of screens on multiple time frames.  This is my favorite program for scanning the market for historical patterns that possess a directional edge.” —Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Enhancing Trader Development, p. 259
I’m an avid reader of your blog.  You demonstrate how trading should be done, through research and testing.  It’s an excellent compliment to the trade-ideas suite of software. —Tyro Trader blog  10/2006
for the money it’s pretty hard to beat —”lescor” Message Board  10/2006
As of yesterday, I have pierced a 50% return on my working capital since 07-14-06, Getting my best picks from Trade-Ideas/Scottrade version.  GO TRADEIDEAS! —Scott Dixon Investor’s Hub  10/2006
Kudos to you and your staff!Since I am a person who believes in expressing my opinions, both good and bad, I just wanted to let you know that I think you and your staff have one of the best – if not the best – web sites and application programs for collecting information on the financial markets.  Though not mastered, I have enjoyed working with your company’s application and believe that you and your staff are doing a great job.  I look forward to future improvements/releases of your company’s product, and I believe I will owe my retirement and my daughter’s future college education to you and your staff.Have a GREAT weekend. —Perry D. Email  10/2006
I’ve run a bunch of Odds Maker scenarios this morning and plan on running hundreds more. —Prop Trading Desk, Scottrade Email  10/2006
Thanks for your help! I’ve been able to learn more about using the (Trade Ideas) alerts and how they indicate the activity associated with stock moves.  I’ll send another email to Scottrade praising your company and thanking them for including it in Scottrade Elite. —Paul Email  10/2006
I want to thank you for you wonderful customer service. —W. Samuel Email  10/2006
Best bang for the dollar. —”humanonly” Message Board  10/2006
I am extremely happy with your service.  Can’t say enough good things about it. —P. Krogh Email  10/2006
I have been a user of Trade-Ideas for well over one year, and I truly appreciate your work in such a fine product. —B. Barlows Email  10/2006
An excellent resource. —Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Blog  10/2006
Thank you… BTW great software… can’t wait for the next version… —Lloyd P Email  10/2006
ok ty excellent product btw have dumpted a lot of other crap just to keep TI the best —”tejasjef” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  10/2006
Your software is awesome !!!!  Keep up the good work and help us make some money !! —”maruti” Investor’s Hub  10/2006
I use Scottrade Elite and sent a message to Scottrade that you have been extremely helpful.  I have been able to successfully back test using your linear filters. —”puckettp” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  10/2006
The fact that I rely on Trade Ideas so much is a good thing for both of us!  I have used Odds Maker some already and found it somewhat useful.  I need to do more work with it. —David G. Email  10/2006
Your oddsmaker program is amazing.  I am just wondering how much longer before the official release? —P. Alward Email  9/2006
I think you have a great product…. Very unique. —T. Danyluk Email  9/2006
great…  i have used it a lot…  it’s very helpful —”krs1929″ Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  9/2006
I like Trade-Ideas because they provide the best real time scanner in the market and they try to keep their software the best one by adding constantly new features.  Trade-Ideas update can be improvement in the software itself or addition of alerts and filters.  This week, we got a new alert and a new filter update, they are not related but I think they are great addition. Blog  9/2006
You guys have very wonderful product. —Alberto R. Email  9/2006
I am very impressed by the stuff you guys keep putting out.  This is something I am going to spend a lot of time working with.  Good job!WOW……this is cool! I have been trying to do simple back testing but never found a single product that could do it and now I have.—Multiple users Blog  9/2006
Wow!!!  The Odds Maker got me all excited, can’t wait to use it!  I love the simple approach.  I only can imagine the work the TI team put together to get this little jewel out.  This product is awesome and the presentation was great. —Jonathan Email  8/2006
It is pretty sweet. — Blog  8/2006
Thanks, if I were to tell you how much I love trade-ideas, it would simply illustrate the inadequacy of words! —Chris Email  8/2006
Your product is the greatest… and it’s my primary tool —”motivecapital” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  8/2006
Thanks; love this product! —S. Dixon Email  7/2006
I’m finding your software very easy to use and I’m finding the type of features that I’m looking for.  Both of those, while they should be standard, are great to find.  I’m asking one of the guys that works for me to dig into some of this data now. —Steve G. Email  7/2006
Thanks Dan, I will try using the preconfigured strategies and the blogspot for some ideas.  Please keep up the good work, you have a much needed product in this business.  Good luck to you. —Lee J. Email  7/2006
All of my TI windows are minimized.  I have a specific way of using TI and QT together.  I have three or four setups that automatically enter the stock in my default QT window.  When I get a new stock in my default portfolio, I do my DD (like checking news, market cap, PE, etc) and then I use QT drag and drop to put the stock in either the “good” portfolio or the “bad” portfolio.I have duplicated my three or four setups to only use the “bad” or “good” portfolios.  So, when I get a TI signal, I know if I have already seen the stock or not, and if I like the stock or not.  I have all three portfolios on the screen, which take the place of the TI windows. —J. Burnett Email  7/2006
Great product!!  I’ve only had trade-ideas for a little over a week but feel I am making progress and starting to make since of the multitude of options available. —R. Scott Email  7/2006
I’ve never given a testimonial; ever.  I opened my first account with Scottrade a week ago this past Friday.  While looking over all the options in ScottradeELITE over the first weekend, I noted your product and signed up.  At first it was information overload!  But I selected your Sample “Bullish stocks under $15.00” alert and was blown away; by utilizing your data with Scottrades linker functionality, I was able to make $5910 in the market my first week, on 3 trades!I wanted to share my success; I’m looking forward to next week to see if I can duplicate my own success. —S. Dixon Email  7/2006
I saw the blog post about TD Ameritrade and Trade-Ideas and thought I’d pass along my situation.  I’ve been an Ameritrade customer for at least 9 years (since the Datek days!) and I’m getting ready to pull the trigger and move over to Scottrade Elite.  A large part of my decision is the fact that Trade-Ideas is included with Scottrade Elite. —Dave Mabe, owner Stocktickr Email  7/2006
Are there any plans to partner with Ameritrade so that their customers get free Trade-Ideas Pro access?  I contacted Ameritrade and suggested it to them, they said they would consider it. —Nimic Email  7/2006
Really good service! —Alois S, from Austria Email  7/2006
Thank you very much for the precision and the follow-up. PS. I like to wear my Trade-Ideas tee-shirt on weekends… Once I can make a living with my trading, I will wear it on weekdays too :) —Jonathan Email  7/2006
Thanks again for a great presentation you had put together (during the seminar). —Kuldeep Email  7/2006
By the way your site is an excellent one. —Godfrey Email  6/2006
Thank you for the quick response.  Also, thank you for the video training on Trade-Ideas and Trade-Ideas Pro.  I’m learning a lot.  Trade-Ideas as a real-time scanner is really powerful.  Please keep up the good work ! —Jonathan Email  6/2006
Thanks…  I will have the traders give it a try.Btw, I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the seminar.  I usually make it a point to attend one seminar every year even though I normally come away disappointed.  But, not with your seminar.  This is a tool that I’m sure will be extremely useful.  I probably shouldn’t be saying this but I think your product is underpriced.I also did some networking during the two days.  Hopefully, we’ll all develop some type of long lasting relationship. —Don L. Email  6/2006
Just wanted to thank you and everyone for a great, informative weekend.  I cant wait to make all that cash  ;)  Thanks again!! —Ryan G. Email  6/2006
Thanks again for putting on a great seminar.  I learned how to better utilize the alerts and filters to minimize the noise and to pin-point setups and also met some interesting guys with whom to share ideas. —Andy L. Email  6/2006
I’m familiar with Trade Ideas and think your capabilities are amazing. —Mike Email  6/2006
I just bought the monthly.  This software looks very very nice.  I would like to call Schwab to ask them to add it to their arsenal of tool, like Scott Trade did. —Tammy B. Email  5/2006
you guys are my heros —”Habookiz” Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  5/2006
I like Trade Ideas a lot, and it saves me a lot of time from going through my watchlists to find candidates. —”Market Rider Email  5/2006
I have Scottrade which includes your wonderful product. Email  5/2006
Compliments on a fantastic piece of software.  As a software developer, I truly appreciate the breathtaking amount of effort that must be involved.  The fact that it appears so simple, yet has such a wealth of information and functionality is a testament to your abilities.  I am not even beginning to grasp all of the functionality of it yet – I can’t wait until I understand it a bit more and am able to make it find even more setups for me. —Will Email  5/2006
They have a quality product, and I have had fun experimenting with it.  The bottom-line is that you can find results for just about any parameters you can imagine using their software. —”Trader-X” Blog  5/2006
Hello Trade Ideas team,Thank you very much.  I will make sure to read the description and criteria in the help section so that I can play with the parameters this week-end and tune-up that nice scan to better fit my needs (you gotta love this “history” feature. Backtesting your setup in near-real-time is plain awesome).Your support is just as good as the product.Thumbs up guys and girls, please keep up the good work!Cheers, JonathanPS> eSignal was down yesterday and Trade Ideas was still going full throttle.  I don’t know how you guys get your data and how you manage so many simultaneous requests.  All I can tell is that in addition to your expertise in the market, you know your stuff in matter of programming and high availability of hardware resources.

This is light speed service!I barely went away from my keyboard that I had an answer, and I should say THE answer!  Listen, this is awesome.  Thank you SO much for pin-pointing me to this implementation of the Longer Term Breakout strategy.  I would not have been able to make it so well. I will carefully read and understand all the explanations. Also, thank you for all the valuable additional information you provided:  I signed up to receive your articles (very well written). Have a good week end. Mine will be great, as I’m reading your website resources and I’m fascinated by your ability to model very complex concepts that would be well above my programming skills if I was to use my ex-favorite software Amibroker (TM).  With Trade Ideas, strategies appear possible to implement without being a programming guru. Thank you again for the fast and accurate support.

Congratulations for this awesome product. I’m a newly registered user and I’m impressed by TI.Thank you in advance for your help and congratulations for the great piece of software. I will be spending my week-end learning and understanding how to drive this beautiful performance machine called TI that you are making available to us. —JonathanMultiple Emails  5/2006thanks for the speedy response…  i just paid and received a confirmation email… —R. RobersonEmail  5/2006Hi Trade ideasI am an stock index trader and have been subscribing to trade idea a few months now.  I use TI to get a feel for the direction the market is heading in.  From my perspective the best thing about TI is that it gives me access to data that many other traders have not got.  For example, I access TI through the web so that I can use the counters to monitor alerts like new 30 min high/low and running up/down. … The great edge that you have at TI is that you have data that other data providers like Esignal and Tradestation don’t have.—Bryan W.Email  5/2006I have been using Trade Ideas for about a month now and all I can say is WOW.  This is a great product and easily pays for itself if you know how to take advantage of it. —”downtowntrader”Blog  4/2006Good to be back…  I have tried a lot of systems on the internet and nothing comes close to what you guys have developed.  You need to be congratulated!!! —Mike RoyEmail  4/2006Trade-Ideas was created to bring the next generation of pre trade analysis technology to market.  This set of tools dwarfs WizeTrade, I should be embarrassed to even compare them.  These tools are a part of many on-line broker/trading systems.WebsiteSeriously guys, the best alerts software on the market! Congrats —JamieBlog  3/2006Dear Trade Ideas, I am a happy client of your excellent program. —B. ChapmanEmail  3/2006I have really liked your software.  You guys add functionality like you have slaves working for you :-) —EvanBlog  3/2006Thanks a lot for sending me this…. I really like your product…. i’ve used several others… —DuaneEmail  3/2006I enjoyed parsing through the stock research on 20 largest percent gainers on your website. —P. SowellEmail  3/2006I started using Trade Ideas today.  Got my best trade of the day from the 3 day consolidation breakout scan.  Also added the trade-ideas banner to my blog side panel. —Jamie, “Wall St. Warrior”Email  3/2006Nice additions!! —J. FriedmanEmail  3/2006Again, thanks for a great service. —J. MercerEmail  3/2006Walked into my wife’s closet this morning and guess what I see?  The missing [Trade-Ideas] T-Shirt. Apparently, when she got the package and opened it, she really liked the shirt to use at her exercise classes.  And that’s what she did and forgot to mention it to me.  I am going to have to improve on my domestic communication skills!Anyway, if you have already sent a replacement, no problem, but let me know the cost and I would be happy to pay for it.—VictorEmail  3/2006I recommend TI to everyone!  Why some don’t sign up I’m not sure…..  “you can lead the horse to water….” —T. BallEmail  3/2006You made my week.  You really went that extra step in helping me out!  What you did is real customer service.The combination of trade ideas running and putting what it finds into different portfolios within quotetracker is a very powerful combination.—C. SauerMultiple Emails  3/2006First of all I want to say that this is very great software. —Chris, from BelgiumEmail  2/2006I find your site has some interesting ideas. —J F Jones, Ph.D.Email  2/2006deadcatbounce8: i think i’m about to

[expletive removed]-can Cyclops…it’s worthless compared to Trade Ideas.SupprtTradeIdeas: thanks we added a bunch of stuff recently for ex cycolps usersInstant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  2/2006I can safely say that without [Trade-Ideas], I’d be blind. —”Pete3212″Message Board  2/2006Trade ideas IS a great product… …a great product for a reasonable price that any trader can use. I am a (very) happy TI user too… —”opw”, NetherlandsMessage Board  2/2006I like to use the HISTORY feature and review certain triggers.  Thanks! —GeoffEmail  2/2006Thanks, I think your product is the most important tool of my trading. —ChrisEmail  2/2006Nice product.  I have been running Trade-Ideas Pro for a couple days and it has turned out to be a great fit with our trading style.  Tweaking the indicators and filters essentially has generated setups that match many of the criterion in my book Around The Horn: A Trader’s Guide To Consistently Scoring In The Markets, allowing us to get the trades as they develop rather than looking for a trigger the next trading day.  Let’s hope they keep coming! … Your product is very nice.  We have asked numerous programmers to put something similar together for us and no one has been able to deliver the goods.  Finding a solid off-the-shelf application was a welcome surprise. —Adrian F. ManzEmail  2/2006We have been using Trade-ideas to scan setups for swing trades. —BPKCMessage Board  2/2006I went long in WITS on Wednesday morning.  I was up strongly early post earnings.  Once it triggered an NR7 alert on my Trade-Ideas scanner I took a look at the chart and loved what I saw.  It had pulled back from the highs and was trying to bounce off of 22.  (Those round-numbers often act as support/resistance.)  So I just set my alert and waited for it to trade above that NR7 candle.  This trade turned out to be a 2.53R winner. —Trader MikeEmail  2/2006Thank you so much, David; you’ve been great to work with.  Wait ’til you see the nice things I’m saying about Trade Ideas in my upcoming book…  :-) —Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D.Email  2/2006I am a subscriber of your service and like it very much. —T. Provan, from CanadaEmail  2/2006At this point I feel obligated to take back what I have said regarding TI.  I would have to agree with Diamondtrim about it being the best.  I probably havent tried all the real time screeners on the market but I have been in and out of quite a few over the past 2 months trying to find something that works.  I started using TI over a month ago and wasnt having any luck with it.  I think my main problem, in hindsight, was that I was simply too impatient with it.  I have spent about 12 hours over the last 2 days tweaking just a handful of scans and they are finally up to par with my original expectations.  The control and flexibility is unmatched by any other product that I have tried.  It can be a bit intimidating at first because there are so many choices and options to choose from, but as I have found out, if you spend the time to tweak it to fit your trading style it will all be worthwhile.  For some reason I was unfamilar with one of its most powerful features when I gave up on it, and that is its backtesting power.  It allows you to change your settings, to the smallest detail, then backtest to see the results over the previous 2 weeks.  Even if you dont fully understand something, you can try it out, backtest it, and if its not what you were looking for, then you can remove it or tweak it and backtest again.  I would highly recommend giving it a try, but as I have found out, your results will vary depending on how much time you put into it.  I dont know why I thought otherwise to begin with. —JonMessage Board  2/2006The average return for this period was 9.6% – not too shabby a return.  Compare this to the slight loss (2%) the markets took over this period. —Declan J. Fallon, B.A.(Mod). Ph.D.Blog  1/2006Looks good – little thumbnail charts are very clever. Very powerful.  Nice piece of programming. —P. MaloneyMultiple Emails  1/2006[10:52] Fortes8: i need to run a search that will give me all the stocks that have traded above/below their high/low of their first 30 or 60 minutes [10:53] Fortes8: i would like to have the time period left up to my discretion [10:53] Fortes8: how can i do this? [10:53] SupprtTradeIdeas: [11:05] Fortes8: i dont know if ur a guy or a girl but i just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and i love you [11:05] SupprtTradeIdeas: Thanks that will have to go into the testimonials [11:05] SupprtTradeIdeas: I am a guy but I really appreciate it [11:06] Fortes8: lol ok have a good one…thanks again [11:06] SupprtTradeIdeas: you got itInstant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  1/2006First off I want to take this opportunity to thank you for such a great product.  I have made a lot of money over the last year using trade Ideas. —”wvombaur”Investor’s Hub  1/2006[10:17] Maltt45: is there a way to get an average daily volume filter [10:17] SupprtTradeIdeas: sure [10:17] Maltt45: how? [10:18] SupprtTradeIdeas: [10:19] Maltt45: ok this should help us plenty thanx again ur awesome [10:20] SupprtTradeIdeas: thank youInstant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  1/2006I have become addicted to Trade-Ideas through my Scottrade Elite account —Iva P.Email  1/2006Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, I think you guys have a great product.  You guys are the bomb. —Wade BullockEmail  1/2006Thanks for your fast reply, you are still the best. —Ahmad M.Email  1/2006Thank you for your prompt and professional response to my plaintiff pleas. … Thanks again for your attention. —R. BleichEmail  1/2006I truly enjoy using your program. —J. LaneEmail  1/2006thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu —D. MarkEmail  1/2006Hi Trade Ideas!  I’ve been using your product for about a month and I’m very impressed – powerful tool.  Thank you. —R. BowmanEmail  1/2006 [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text]

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This trade-ideas is making it SO MUCH easier to day trade, and I only used it two days.  I would estimate my profit potential has nearly doubled because of your product already.  I made $4500 today, and I bet $1000 of that was money I would never have made without your product.  Love the video training.  There is so much you can do with this tool.Impressive.—Bill Multiple Emails  12/2005
Loving the product. Great job on all the upgrades for us. —Mike Kestler, Evolution Capital Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  12/2005
This software is great.  Thanks for the quick reply.This is very professional support!  Thank you for your help!—Axel, from Germany Multiple Emails  12/2005
Thanks so much for your wonderful service. —W. Samuel Email  12/2005
Love your product! —Wade Email  12/2005
Your product is quite a bit better than others I’ve seen.  Thanks for your help today.Trade Ideas Pro is pretty important to me right now.  I’m going to continue to subscribe.  Thanks for your help.Your AIM help service is a good idea and works well.—S. J. Herdman Multiple Emails  12/2005
uber cool —”s1xsigma” Message Board  12/2005
My thanks to the architects and developers of such a great program! —Vladimir Investor’s Hub  12/2005
Your software has turned up some good picks which I will continue to monitor on my blog.  I have been very impressed with the program. —Declan Fallon Email  12/2005
Your software rocks and I just signed up for a year :) —Glenn from Canada Email  12/2005
fantastic website I am amazed by the quality of the support you offer! —Denis from France Multiple Emails  12/2005
Love Trade Ideas — wish i had found it 2 yrs ago when I first started! Trade-Ideas is a MUST HAVE!!! —Robin Investor’s Hub  11/2005
I love you guys!  Great great great product. —Chris Email  11/2005
I really like your scanner… I really like your product… great job with a superb product. You have a happy customer. —Peter Multiple Emails  11/2005
Your software rocks, thanks. —J. Mazotta Email  11/2005
One of the premier real time stock trading enhancer ever!!! —Jerry Olson Email  10/2005
Thanks for the quick reply…  I guess you can tell how much I rely on TI now!!! —John Burnett Email  10/2005
Signed up for your free trial today…  nice program… —Bob Email  10/2005
Really appreciate the time you spent helping understand all the features.  A great service. —Tony Email  10/2005
Thanks Dan.  It is a very good tool and keep up the good work. —Dolly Email  10/2005
Love your system.  Have been using it since the spring of ’04.  Don’t know where I’d be without it. —David G. Email  10/2005
I have been using Trade Ideas for a couple of months now and believe it is a very valuable product. —Lou Email  10/2005
I have been using Trade-Ideas Lite, and really like it. —B. Huwiler Email  10/2005
I’ve been using this feature myself as of late, very useful especially for a scalper like myself.  P.S. I don’t even watch CNBC anymore, I find it very distracting.  :-)  Great scanner guys, I especially like that your following up with suggestions on the uses of your scans. —”txtrader”; Blog  10/2005
Can anyone recommend a web based real time screener for these basic functions? —”Rearden Metal”Have you seen… [smiley face] —”EdgeHunter” Message Board  10/2005
I am impressed by the possibilities of TRADE-IDEAS !!!!! —Dirk, from Belgium Email  10/2005
Does anybody have any suggestions for some good real-time scanning software? Thanks, —”The New Guy”trade -ideas pretty good expecially for the price [sic.] —”RNRBAND” Message Board  10/2005
Thanks for the suggestion, Phil BTW – your system rocks !!!!! —D Stawski Email  10/2005
It works very well. —”chipper338″ Message Board  9/2005
A scanner of some sort is essential to trading so if you aren’t satisfied with free ones or what you’re using right now then Trade-Ideas is definitely worth trying out. —Trader Eyal Blog  9/2005
Perfect, works like a charm. —G. Miller Email  9/2005
Thank you very much!  It’s amazing how often one sees a pattern based on expectations rather than reality.  Unfortunately, this is often true with trading! —F. Esch Email  9/2005
highly customizable…  Definitely worth test driving —Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Blog  9/2005  (more)
I know TXTrader is having success with it.Just finished a two week trial.  I use Medved Quote Tracker for charts and Trade-Ideas Pro integrates with QT as an app and works quite well.  I really like trade-ideas, it can be very powerful, has so many unique filters and is fairly easy to use.  I found it overwhelming at first and then adjusted some filters to get it where I wanted.  I think in the right hands it can produce some good picks.I’m using the trade-ideas pro (downloadable version) now, it’s pretty sweet, makes it a lot easier to open multiple windows and gives you a little more real estate on the screen.  I’m still tweaking the settings, but so far I like it.I just signed up for the pro version too. I’m tweaking away now.—Various Contributers Blog  8/2005
Thanks Dan.  It’s a great product.Thanks Dan.  I will recommend it to other traders I know. —B. Hyldahl Email  8/2005
I have been trading for 6 years……and dt 40 with trade ideas is a real winner, at least for me. —”wvombaur” Message Board  8/2005
The new history feature is a very nice touch.  Thanks! I began experimenting today with Trade-Ideas and QuoteTracker integration.  So far, I’m really liking what I see. —Michael Taylor Email  8/2005
I think I might have found the answer to my search for stock alerts.  Just an unbelievable product. —Michael Taylor Blog  7/2005
Thanks, I appreciate the quick response.  A friend of mine loves your service. —M. Weingold Email  7/2005
It’s an excellent service. —Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Email  7/2005
I will no longer trade without trade ideas… —”wvombaur” Email  7/2005
Thank you for your prompt reply.  That works nicely. Happy Trading. —andreas Email  7/2005
No day trader should be without it…  It is the most powerful scanning tool I have ever seen. —”mcmike” Investor’s Hub  7/2005
Great Product – High Powered !! —L. Spielman Email  7/2005 is where to be…  When I read the word “scanning”, I think of Trade-Ideas…  It’s just that all sorts of traders use them and they are the best. —”ElectricSavant” Message Board  7/2005
I have it in my Mozilla Firefox setup…  You can get lots of info from the free version of the program. —Linda Raging Bull  7/2005
My friend David from Trade-Ideas has been hanging in the room a bit lately and I really appreciate what he’s doing for us all.  So please extend him all the curtoseys you would any friend of mine.  He’s only trying to help all of us with his great software package…  I like that product a lot. —Jerry Olson Email  7/2005
Philip, thanks for the information.  I’ve taken a free trial to your product and just can’t believe the value you offer.  Your product is just exactly what I’ve been looking for.  And I’ve been searching for several weeks now with no avail.  Awesome job!  Again, thank you for the great product. —Mike Email  7/2005
Thank you for your timely response.  This is what I am looking for.  Keep up the excellent work! —Jeff Email  6/2005
They were impressed by the help that you have provided to me and what I had to say about your software. —C. Boughton, Valholl Capital Email  6/2005
Thanks a lot, you guys are the best and the best help with sound, video and the whole works. Thanks, —Andy V. Email  6/2005
Trade-Ideas exceeded every requirement we asked of it.  The no cost, proof-of-concept and simplicity of adding Trade-Ideas’ vast analytical capabilities to our Laser platform were enough to convince us to move forward.  From our customer’s perspective, the flexibility to model any strategy or choose preconfigured set-ups and the tool’s ease of use made Trade-Ideas the only choice for idea generation. —Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director for Genesis Securities LLC Press Release  6/2005
The control, by the way, works great.  Most of our traders love it. —D. Laurent Email  6/2005
Very nice product…  The product is great!  Thanks for being so helpful. —William V. Email  6/2005
Sorry, I did it again.  My check to Trade Ideas in the amount of $135 for three months service is in the mail.  I just got back from sticking it in the mailbox here in the building.  My account subscription is going to run out this Friday.  Please, oh please, have mercy on this irresponsible trader and keep my account open next week while you wait for my check to arrive.  I’ll be better next time for sure.  Without my Trade Ideas I would be lost. —S. Herdman Email  6/2005
Many configurable options. The best link u can get. Use it wisely. It is real-time streaming. Well, after watching it this morning, I must say that it does a whole lot more than i initially thought.  Still configuring.  Thanks much. —Multiple users Message Board  6/2005
Hi Mel, Took your advise and down loaded TI Pro, great program.  I clicked on PTS long entry signal, after a while NTES popped up and I looked into Wizetrade and would not have traded it with the knowledge I have so far.  However with new knowledge from you, put on a paper trade and Bingo, $186.00 profit in less than 3 hours.  I decided to subscribe to it after my free trial. —Andy V. Email  6/2005
Thanks for getting back to me so fast.  I really like your product so keep up the good work. —M. Wilson Email  5/2005
I have been using your screens now for the last month, and they are proving invaluable.  I have increased my trading profits by at least 25% directly due to the alerts provided by your screens. Keep up the excellent work! —Dean Krieg Email  5/2005
The real kicker was the Trade-Ideas integration…BOO-YA…the combination of TI, IB and Medved is the cheapest and most powerful platform available, and the monthly cost is only a total of $62 —John Burnett Email  5/2005
I think you guys have a great service going. —Tim J. Email  5/2005
I found your service very helpful. —Andrew S. Email  5/2005
I can’t say enough positive things about your stock screening service.  It’s really a breakthrough! —D. Krieg Email  5/2005
[A reply] on Saturday, nice!  Just kidding, thanks for taking the time to send the message you must be swamped.  I’ll look forward to it your service has been very good. —DC Email  5/2005
Wanted to let you know how useful your product is and that I am newly subscribed. —Paul S. Email  5/2005
I am truly impressed with your sight.  Keep up the GREAT work you are doing to help trader’s such as I.  Thanks —Mike G. Email  5/2005
Trade-Ideas provides a handy stock screen. The Kirk Report  4/2005
I had used your service as trial user and found it very helpful. —Artis from Latvia Email  4/2005
Your product and support are great. —Allan Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  4/2005
Thank you for everything and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! —B. Lentz Email  4/2005
Thank you very much for your help.  I will subscribe to your service as soon as the week trail is over.  Your service is amazing! —D. Krieg Email  4/2005
I’ve always liked Trade-Ideas. —R. Buhler Email  4/2005
Gentlemen, you seem to have a very impressive site. —S. Levy Email  4/2005
I find your programs indispensible for trading and would love to subscribe to your service.  I don’t want to trade another day without being a member of your service. —G. Hanrahan, from Bangkok Email  4/2005
Many moons ago, (about a year ago) I came across the Trade Idea alerts on the Internet while searching for info for a friend on the 200 DMA.I saved the link mainly for the 200 DMA scans.But many other scans were available from that discovery and since then, Mel Raiman also brought forth the discovery at his site a couple of months ago.It is a great site.So if you want to look at other various type scans to assist you, see the selections below.Click on the scan you wish to get results for.Once you’ve clicked on a scan, bookmark the scan.  Return to the bookmark to make any scan you wish from the legend below.—Vic W. Vic West Trading Group  3/2005
Good luck with your program, it looks to be of great value to traders.

—Lee M.Email  3/2005I’m impressed at how quickly it was accomplished and how many good Alerts came up.  Well done. Harry, Precision Trading SystemEmail  3/2005By the way, great product, certainly a huge asset to any active trader.  I have recommended it to a bunch of my friends / associates. Cheers —Mike, from AustraliaEmail  3/2005Great tools! I’m learning a ton more every day… Thanks again for a great tool! —C. DuldeEmail  3/2005Simply Amazing This is by far the greatest real-time scanner on the market today.  It is simple, straightforward and very reliable.  For the cost, it is a bargain.  Bravo!!!  Well-done. —”jlcarey1″Product Review  3/2005You have been very helpful answering my questions. —B. HuwilerEmail  3/2005Thank you.  I really appreciate your kindness. —Sally RoseEmail  3/2005Your updates are great.  Just what I have been looking for. —D. MeyersEmail  3/2005Thanks a lot.  Many thanks for being such an honest business man. —MassoudEmail  3/2005Wow, this is pretty good.  I altered it a bit for my own usage, I went with smaller volatilities and max position in range at 12.5% (to try to hit the exact turn around point).  The alerts appear to work best from around 10 to noon. —John BurnettReply to Trade-Ideas blog 3/2005Just a word of appreciation for your work, and your product. Thank You. —R. GosselinEmail  3/2005give my mad props to Phil he hooked us up my boy in Ukraine —Yuri LantsbergInstant Message to Trade-Ideas Support  3/2005Can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re a scalper. —”mhashe”Message Board  2/2005The alerts produced have been generally solid.  The work you folks did over the weekend seems to have paid off!  I like what I’ve seen so far this morning. —FerozEmail  2/2005Overall we are very impressed with your site. —Haris Ctorides, VP Active Trader, TD WaterhouseEmail  2/2005I emailed TI and Dan from TI emailed me back instantaneously and walked me through the set up.  It was first class customer service. —JeffEmail  2/2005I’ve just recently signed up for your Trade-Ideas Pro demo.  I love it.  Great scanning tool…  Trade-Ideas Pro is much better than TraderBot.  I quite like the computer-resident software…  Again, great product. —Norm D.Email  2/2005Based on the success that my broker’s clients are having, I would say it is definitely worth a trial for daytraders. —Becky A.Private Message Board  2/2005Check out their (TI) new enter/axit alert.  Tried it today, 2 out of 2 wins. Excellent indicator on mels platform.  TTTTTHHHHHHEEEEE BEEEESSSTTT. check it out. —BijanMessage Board  2/2005Thanx Dan, I’ll refer it to my client. It helped today with some difficult timing by giving me a “heads up” in advance of patterns forming.  I got out of a part of one position within 2 cents of the high of the day. —AlEmail  2/2005Thanks for the info, it’ll really help our tech guys out, you gave us some great ideas. —Alex, Genesis SecuritiesEmail  2/2005Patrick,I believe that Trade Ideas will complete the loop.  It is a very powerful program with thousands of users.The best with your trading,—Mel, Precision Trading SystemEmail  2/2005Mel,I wanted to thank you for you hard work on finding the Trade Ideas Program.  It truly is a powerful compliment to the PTS platform.  I have by no means mastered the PTS Platform, but there are only two issues that I struggle with on a consistent basis.  The first issue is the timing of my entries into a stock and the second issue is a source to determine the “right” stocks to trade.  You have definitely solved the second issue and I believe with continued practice I will grow in my pursuit to time my entries at the most profitable times.  Thank you again for all your hard work.  I look forward to class in April.  Have a good day!—Patrick B. Chesterfield, MOEmail 2/2005 to Mel Raiman of Precision Trading SystemI am absolutely amazed with the capabilities of Trade Ideas scanner in finding good trades all day long.  The platform is easy to use and provides a myriad of choices.  Having used other scanning tools for years, TI is the standard by which others should be measured, and the cost of usage is very reasonable indeed. Thanks very much, Sincerely, H. BonetEmail  2/2005Trade-Ideas is the most easy to use filter out there, and is pretty cheap compared with other filters that offer similar functions.  It is web based and doesn’t require dedicated hardware or price feed.  Support staff is always online and ready to answer questions via instant messanger.  Programming support is excellent and offers custom solutions for trader’s extra needs. —Yuri Lantsberg – 5 year prop day-traderEmail  2/2005I am only into Day 3 of my trial, but I must admit I am very, very impressed!  You have offered an opportunity for me to build my own trading system without spending $100+ per month, not to mention the cost of the software.What is cool about your software is the integration with QuoteTracker and the ability to use it at work.  I tried to get it to work with QT at work, but probably because the network administrator has it locked down tight, it doesn’t work that way.  I suppose if I asked him he would open up port 8888 and then it would work, but then he’s going to be nervous about my bandwidth consumption?  Anyway, that’s where your product helps out!  I can open alert windows in the browser, monitor them, then if one looks interesting, a simple right mouse click adds it to QT for further analysis and alerting.—S. OwensEmail  1/2005Thank you for the quick response. —G. ChristensenEmail  1/2005Works great. —D. JordanEmail  1/2005i really like how your software works. —”Snowwy66″Email  1/2005 [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text]

Comment Source
Thanks Dan.  It looks great. —S. Escott Email  12/2004
I have been very happy with your service. —D. Hermann Email  12/2004
You guys totally rock! —K. McCarty Email  12/2004
A comparison check today shows that TI is outperforming ProphetScan.  Great Job. —E. Reid Email  12/2004
I love your stuff.  Much much more than any pro can handle. —J. Rosen Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support 12/2004
Hope you take the advice on using Trade-Ideas.  I just worked out some Trade-Ideas filters and this stuff is POWERFUL! —Cash Coyne, Bright Trading Message Board 12/2004
A friend of mine who is also a daytrader told me about your service and he only had praises. —Matt Z. Email  12/2004
I love my intraday scanner setup!  What I like most about these, you can adjust them to meet your needs.  This is the best intraday scanner I have found.  Try it out for free. —”Sir Cruz” Message Board (cont.)  12/2004
I tried out the filter that you helped me with this weekend.  It was excellent.  It was exactly the tool I’ve been trying to find to catch stocks that gap down at the open and start to try to fill that gap.  It worked perfectly during that period.  I was able to scalp .05-.20 on a variety of different stocks in that first hour. —G. Kuhn Email  12/2004
This thing works very cool with Quotetracker. —G. Spoon Email  12/2004
Wow!  Your formulas look a lot more like my data than the formulas I was using. —Brienne D., Ph.D. Researcher Multiple discussions  11/2004
Great Product —Beau Email  11/2004
I don’t want to be without your service again now that I know how great it is. —M. Fitzpatrick Email  11/2004
Thank you for fast reply.  Bodes well for quality service. —R Gosselin Email  11/2004
I LOVE USING YOUR PRODUCT —S Tabor Email  11/2004
Now I can cancel three other services. Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support 11/2004
Thank you.By the way.  After trying many services and testing many different systems and indicators I finally asked myself “If I was smarter than I am about the stock market and had a lot of money to set up an ideal data system, what would it be like.” . I decided that one would have to keep track of every single transaction for every single stock in the market and plot this data on an intraday basis.  Only in this way would one be able to really see what the truth was about volume and price action.Then, one would have to device methods to evaluate this data into easily recognized patterns to use as indicators.  In addition this data and its conclusions would have to be delivered in real time so that I could see the beginning of a move within one minute or less of it happening.  This would be a monumental task.With this in mind I entered this into Google:  (“volume alert” real time).  Your website was the 6th entry from the top.After looking at all the video tutorials and reading all related materials I finally realized that you have produced my ideal scene.—R. Fitzgerrel Email  11/2004
You have been warned….this is the best thing to come into sight since Schwab’s Market Casting went off the air… and its not related to any particular broker.  So anybody can try it out and use it…this makes “calling stocks” seem like ancient history! —”stockjoc” Message Board  11/2004
Your scanning system is excellent, please go on with the good job.  Your software works wonderfully. —M. Buhler, Switzerland Letter included with payment  11/2004
Very impressive —T. Struhl Email  10/2004
Thanks for your quick reply.  With a little help from your program I think I could do better than with my “seat of the pants” approach.  Trade-Ideas amazes me and I know that you had to spend an enormous amount of time putting it together.  I believe it can help me find some good trades that I will like, as well as keep me out of bad trades. —Wayland Email  10/2004
The tutorial is great!  [This was in reference to the Trade-Ideas Pro video help.] —C. Atchison Email  10/2004
I like the product- it is very simple, but very useful. —S. Blair Email  10/2004
I heard you on bright radio and though you were great. It’s awesome. Super good job! —Bruce Cady Instant Message  9/2004
I love your product… :) —E. Jacobson Email  9/2004
[Feedback on Bright Bands filters]  That’s great!  It makes for one less step we have to do.  For example, we can keep an alert from triggering if it’s past 1 std deviation as there’s only a 33% chance it will go further at that point! [Discussion of other new features]  BTW, I love the Recent Settings option in the exe version. —Cash Coyne, Bright Trading Multiple discussions  9/2004
I recently came across your website and am impressed with what you have to offer. —D. Christodoulou Email  9/2004
Thanks very much for your prompt reply.  By the way I really liked your web site and your alerts. —S. Keegan Email  9/2004
Just wanted to say that Trade Ideas Pro, interfaced through Quote-Tracker is AMAZING.  Those two applications working together, in real time, makes a lot of other so-called “premium” services pale by comparison. Feel free to quote me. —John Vincelli Email  8/2004
I went from being down ~10% to being up ~60% within five days… Before I was limiting myself by trading the best of what I was watching, which on some days was not worth waking up for.  Now I have a much larger universe, thus a much greater chance of there being something actually worth trading. —”maczter” Message Board  8/2004
During last couple months we have been using Trade-Ideas scanner.  Got to say, I am deeply impressed with the product. —Vadym G Email  8/2004
I have signed-up with a trial version at and I gotta say it is execellent. —”experimentals” Message Board  8/2004
Thanks… It’s a great tool. —Dolores M. Email  8/2004
They have one of the coolest real-time filtering systems… We don’t usually endorse much of anything but even Robert says this is a good idea… Quite a good program… —Don Bright, Bright Trading Bright Brothers radio show  7/17/2004
Pretty slick looking website.  Might make people think trading is fun. —”Bolts” Message Board  7/2004
Thanks for your prompt response.  You have a great product. —V. Valade Email  7/2004
WOW!! you guys are awesome! —K. Laffey Email  7/2004
Do you believe the stuff that is out there?  Look at this.  How is the average basic TC2000 user who can’t watch a ticker all day going to compete against people who use this stuff? —Tony Tony’s Stock Talk  7/2004
I find [Trade-Ideas] very addicting. —J. Burnett Email  7/2004
I was sold after my first 5 alerts. I know how powerful [Trade-Ideas] can be. —John Lee, ViewTrade Teleconference  7/2004
You guys rock! —K. McCarty Email  7/2004
I am very impressed by what I see so far. —A. Lousky Email  7/2004
The best intraday scanner out there is …very fast and powerful. —”robbo” Message Board  7/2004
[Trade-Ideas] really made it easy to integrate. —Mike, QuoteTracker Technical session, as we plan further integration between QuoteTracker and Trade-Ideas.  7/2004
Oh I forgot to say thanks for adding the Min Volume Today feature.  I asked for this a week ago and can’t believe how fast you guys responded. —B. Krivicic Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support 7/2004
we love T I a lot… —Jerry Olson, Email 6/2004
I think trade-ideas is the greatest trading tool ever So many things you can do Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support 6/2004
thx your scanner is the best i have found on pure tech data. it seems these parameters you sent would best find the best short candidates for my style of trading. …you have so many criteria to chose from… …these recorded demos are excellent.  first rate. —Rob James Email 6/2004
Thanks for making such a great program.  I think I just might be lost without it now. —Steve Gomez Feedback from beta testing
I have found [Trade-Ideas] to be extremely helpful in locating stocks that are in a short term breakout mode.  I’ve used it for three days and am very impressed!Had another good day with the software.  It is really marvelous and is very helpful in zeroing in on good trading ideas.—Bob Rand Emails 4/2004
There are many “pay to trade” services out there that either insist you trade with their brokerage (or affilliate), or that require “real time” exchange fees to get access to their products.  My brother and I came across a service recently that requires neither additional cost.  The firm is “Trade-Ideas” (  We found that for a very nominal fee that you can send in your own customized parameters (or pick from their lists), and they send back to you real time, filterred responses.  I’m sure there are other similar services, but these guys seem to have come up with a very interesting concept. —Don Bright, Bright Trading Q&A column in Stocks & Commodities Technical Analysis, March 2004
TI has an awesome product and the application capabilities are unlimited.  I’m very impressed with the real time streaming synchronization with the market data. —John Astad Email 3/2004
i dont know how i ever traded w/ out tradeideas it gives me 80% of my ideas awesome —Dan Shapiro, Trader Schonfeld Securities Instant Message to Trade-Ideas Support 2/2004
The service is great.  Keep up the good work. —J. Allen Email 2/2004
Congratulations! Your product is excellent, amazing, almost perfect, Incredible! —Javier Calvo Villoria, Madrid, Spain Email 2/2004
[Trade-Ideas] provides a wealth of information to the frequent trader.  Check it out. —Barron’s 1/19/2004 Issue of Barron’s “Greater Tool Theory”

[/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text el_position=”last”]

Comment Source is a terrific service.  I don’t know whether to recommend it to my friends or keep it a secret.  Keep up the good work; you guys are a class act. —S. Becker, New York, NY Email 12/2003
I was impressed with the features available on the real-time alerts.  The various options for screening as well as the integration make useful indeed. —Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan, Editor STOCKS & COMMODITIES November 2003 issue of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine
Kudos to you on the site – I am really impressed with how good it looks/how well it works. —Jarod C. Winters, Electronic Specialist, LLC Email 10/2003
The list of scans is quite extensive and will meet the needs of the vast majority of users.  …  This nifty service uses a handy “configure alert window” that enables traders to set up sophisticated scans with only a few clicks of the mouse.  …  The wide variety of filters and output this service provides will make daytraders feel like kids in a candy store.  …  Trade Ideas offers powerful scanning products for both retail and institutional clients. —Alan Farley  “Put Market Scanners on Your Radar”  9/2003
Hmmm… I’m going to try [the history feature] with a single symbol list and see what I get.  I see potential here.  You guys have done a great job with the flexibility of this product and things like these allow creative use of it!  I admire a well thought-out product. —Cash Coyne, Bright Trading Email 8/2003
Looked at the Cyclops ( LOL ).  Initial impression [of it] – very simplistic and outdated.  These guys may offer more of what you seek: a very unique scanner with numerous possibilities including an algorithm from an MIT study on TA – it rocks! —Surfer, Elitetrader Elitetrader 8/2003
Put me down for a testimonial – I have been killing it the last month and a half with Trade-Ideas.  I was up $4500 bucks today on top of $3500 bucks yesterday- and I was up everyday last week between $650 – $3200 bucks.I LOVE this trade-ideas!I have always liked buying the STRONGEST stocks and selling the WEAKEST stocks- this lets me find them.  I’m not staring at each little tick of the futures anymore- I just focus on the stocks.Trading may not be like the good ol days anymore, but I feel like they are coming back using Trade-Ideas!—M. Mathews, Austin, TX Email 8/2003
I’ve already had some big winners today!!! MANH short, ASkJ long….things are going great!!  Thanks for your help.  I am already telling my friends!! —M. Mathews, Austin, TX Email 7/2003
Just wanted to let you know what an incredible alert service you have.  I think that the simplicity of this service is what sets it apart from everything else. —C.B., Atlanta, GA Email 12/02
Here’s a company that has harnessed the power of the internet to provide real time alerts based on statistical analysis and pattern recognition. —Dave Wooding, Wooding Trading, Boise, ID Product Review
Great product. ;-). —Rudolf Kroseberg, Cologne, Germany Email 3/2003
Top of the line.  I have been using trade ideas for several weeks now, it is fantastic!  Ease of use, quality of alerts and price are unbeatable in today’s market.  If you are looking for the best configuable real time scanner – there is no question this software takes the prize. —David Goodboy,, Bryn Mawr, PA Product Review
Great program, but needs tweaking.  This is a very useful program that’s well worth the money ($45/mo). —Mjt, EliteTrader Product Review
Very promising.  This is one of the very few affordable real-time stock screening tools on the market today. —Chs245, Luxembourg, Amsterdam Product Review
You are certainly much more affordable which I like. Chat Session
I have been using Trade-Ideas for several weeks and I think it is great, some back testing on the running up and down alerts indicates fading these works uncannily well. —David Goodboy,, Bryn Mawr, PA Chat Session
Love the software and have been using it in concert with some of my other tools.  :). —canyonman00, Chicago, IL Chat Session
The fact that a super successful hedge fund like Circle T (and mine of course) uses the software is seriously telling. —David Goodboy,, Bryn Mawr, PA Chat Session
One of my interests when I train my clients in using software is ease of use.  I love your product from that standpoint. —canyonman00, Chicago, IL Chat Session
My brain is going to explode. —Zardoz, Kauai, HI Chat Session
Thanks Dan I have been looking for a product exactly like yours. Chat Session
I realized pretty quickly that you added value by doing some calculation behind the scenes.  I was astonished by the quality of the alerts. —Oliver, Elite Trader, 2-14-2003
Hello Trade-Ideas, I am really enjoying your service so far, I also received my T-shirt today – many thanks!  I am a writer of popular Palm programs and gave you a free plug on my “Cool Links” page because I like your product so much. —Christopher Hill User Links



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