TRADE IDEAS SUMMIT 2017: The Search for the ‘Holly’ Grail

Thank you to our sponsors: E*Trade and CenterPoint Securities. And we are very appreciative to all of the speakers and panelists who took part in Sunday’s conference. Audience feedback for the presentations and panels is universally positive. We certainly learned many new things and enjoyed the day.

Watch the entire conference:

Tune into the replay of our YouTube livestream. We will have edited videos of each individual speaker and panel soon, for now please use the timecodes to jump to the segment you wish to view.

  • 00:18:48 Dave Whitmore, ETRADE Q3 2017 StreetWise Report [presentation pdf]
  • 00:33:00 Greg Robin, Random Walk Financial [presentation pdf]
  • 01:14:30 Jane Gallina (, [presentation pdf]
  • 01:38:48 Jarod Winters, Sunrise Capital [presentation pdf]
  • 02:29:00 First panel— Dave Whitmore (moderator), Brian Shannon, Sean Dekmar, Jane Gallina, and Doug Rumer
  • 04:26:30 Brian Shannon (@alphatrends, — Keynote presentation [presentation pdf]
  • 05:22:50 Michael Nauss (@bonpara, [presentation pdf]
  • 05:50:05 Sean Dekmar (@dekmartrades, [presentation pdf]
  • 06:10:30 David Aferiat (Trade Ideas managing partner) [presentation pdf]
  • 06:43:45 Second panel— David Aferiat (moderator), Dave Whitmore, Thomas Marks, Jarod Winters, and Michael Nauss